Sykros’ Jewel-noticing a few things

Recently, I took Erdrique into Ataraxia’s Haven and ran the quest Sykros’ Jewel.  I wrote up a short article about Ataraxia’s Haven earlier in the week and today I would like to focus more on the quest, Sykros’ Jewel.  Sykros’ Jewel is one of the two quests found within the Haven and is bestowed by the recent owner of the Haven, Sykros.  Sykros recruits you to rescue his daughter, Ataraxia, who has been kidnapped by a hostile mining duergar clan.  The quest itself is located a little ways from the resort area where you enter into the zone.  It is actually not far from a source of scrags that inhabit the island as well.

When you enter the quest, the first thing you come across is a wounded duergar who tells you that Ataraxia is in the light house however a clan of scrags have come into the caves leading to the gateway of the lighthouse and now guard the keys to dual gates.  This leads us to a question.  In the explorer zone, there are a few instances where the scrag and duergar work together at one destroy us but here in this quest, the scrag have ambushed some of the duergar and now control access to the lighthouse through the underground caves.  So which is it?  Are they allies..or are the enemies?

Time to rescue Ataraxia photo TimetoresueAtaraxia_zpse4ef1325.jpg
Erdrique going through the caves to defeat scrag and duergar alike.

Once the scrag are defeated and you obtain the keys, you enter the lighthouse and then start to make your move against the duergar.  What is interesting about this particular encounter is that the duergar appear to have enlisted the help of a powerful water spider, Deluge.  Deluge is actually a darfang spider and my sneaky suspicion is that he is somehow aligned with Hellgut who leads the other darkfang spiders on the Haven that are holding up in a far away ruin.  With the number of duergar scouts and spellcasters I can see this being a possibility as they can probably communicate with these two powerful spiders.  However, I’m wondering if this isn’t a deeper ploy being involved here.  I’m thinking that the druid, Leros Levithas (who was enlisted by Skyrkos to deal with the natural hazards of the island and who bestows the second quest, Reclamation, and who seems to take the duergar invasion and intrusion to the island very seriously), may have enlisted the help of these powerful spiders to help thwart the duergar.  I don’t have any proof of this..but it could be a possibility.

I’m also not sure how a band of scrag could have taken down a force of duergar.  I feel this particular quest is much easier to complete than the second quest in the area.  The duergar spell casters and scouts are particularly dangerous and tend to do a devasting amount of damage if you aren’t prepared for them.  The scrag have only a few spell casters among them and tend to rely on brute force.  The scrag force must have been facing a much small duergar contingent and must have been able to overwhelm them to get these keys. 

Also, who are the three or so specter smugglers?  What other secrets are in those caves?  Maybe we’ll find out eventually :).  Later all, thanks for readying and happy questing!!


3 thoughts on “Sykros’ Jewel-noticing a few things

  1. The duergar are always surprisingly dangerous. Very hardy, immune or highly resistant to AoEs, good spell casters as well as fighters, and certainly shouldn’t be afraid of a few trolls. Maybe they see the trolls as a natural deterrent, or their own type of wildlife preserve? 🙂


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