Wondering if We Will See Anymore Special World Events

Over this past weekend, I took Erdrique through the quest Devil’s Assault.  I had help from Hellbanisher and Blackvale.  Since we were level 12/14-ish, we popped in on hard.  As we started the adventure it made me think about how Devil’s Assault was released and if we will see anymore world events such as that.

Preparing for Devil's Assault photo PreparingforDevilsAssault_zpsf52dc6dd.jpg
Erdrique and gang prepping for Devil’s Assault.

If you didn’t know, Devil’s Assault was actually a special quest that was released during a widely publicized event in DDO which led to the invasion of the Shavrath forces into Stormreach.  The special world event was extremely unique and and was highly anticipated.  I remember when we had nearly a raid’s worth of Crypt Crawlers on that night because we didn’t know what was actually going to happen.  A few days prior, possibly longer, the Marketplace Tent was walled off and packed full of marching orthons and bearded devils.  No one knew what was going to happen, but everybody knew that there was going to be a huge fight in the Marketplace eventually.

Well the time came and we were patiently waiting for the event to begin.  Then the unthinkable happened…the Marketplace Tent blew up!!  There was nothing left but a crater, with the crescent that topped the tent flung all way to Three Barrel Cove!!  Everybody was herded over to the Marketplace Barracks to stem the Devil Invasion, hence the release of Devil’s Assault.  For a few weeks afterwards, devils and orthons would randomly spawn in the Marketplace creating havoc, especially for lower level characters.  I remember one time getting jumped by a bearded devil on my cleric Wapoyei, when he was making his way to the Catacombs.  A few days later, I had Erdrique on and saw in general chat that somebody else had gotten slaughtered by a few devils in roughly the same area so I went over to take my revenge

I just wonder if we will see anymore events like this in the future.  After this event, there were a few other occasions where the developers would unleash the raid bosses on those in the Harbor and the PVP pits.  I remember hearing that the Warforged Titan was making mince meat out of all the low levels alts in the Harbor.  Everybody flocked over there to see what was going on. 

I miss these and I hope they do make a come back.  If they do, I wonder what they would be?  So many avenues there to explore..  Well one can hope .

Until next time, thank you for reading and happy hunting!! 


6 thoughts on “Wondering if We Will See Anymore Special World Events

  1. As cool and as awesome as that sounds, when you consider DDOs current state of laggyness, I don’t know how good of an idea that would be. But, that’s just my opinion. 😉


  2. I would personally love to see something like that. They had an event like that not long ago, but that was on Lammania, and it’s been a bit since then. They spawned all sorts of fun stuff on the lighthouse area of Harbor. Something like that on Live on occasion would be fun. :p and liven things up a bit.


  3. I wasn’t around for that but I remember hearing all about it on a rerun of DDOCast. It sounded great fun (even with the lag) and I remember thinking at the time that I hoped Turbine would do something like that again….


  4. The event was pretty neat, and there were of course some lag issues, but overall the uniqueness of the event was enough to overlook the lag, at least for me. With that said, the lag was nothing like what it is when the spectral dragon spawns during Mabar.


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