Storyline Behind Irestone Inlet Shoots One of My Theories Down :(

Not too long ago, I wrote up a blog article that tried to determine some links between the hobgoblin clans/tribes across story lines.  One of my after thoughts about this article, which posted as a comment to that blog, was that Yaryar, the hobgoblin pirate captain in Irestone Inlet, may have actually been part of Yarkuch’s hobgoblins from Tangleroot Gorge/Splinterskull Fortress.  Well, I decided to take a gander at Irestone Inlet with Hamllin yesterday and noticed that the storyline had changed for that particular quest.  It now reads as follows:

Irestone Inlet photo IrestoneInlet1_zps26722cfb.jpg


Irestone Inlet 2 photo IrestoneInlet2_zps5fab4835.jpg

Now I’m 99% sure that the storyline prior to the Shadowfell Conspiracy Release had no link between Yaryar and the Droamm nation.  I don’t really like this link but I like the idea of trying to put these older quests as a tie to some of the later quests later on, sort of like linking the Baudry Cartamon chain to Three Barrel Cove.

However, I don’t like this particular link.  I just finished running the Eyes of Stone with Sludgge and from what I remember in the Attack on Stormreach chain we don’t come across any hobgoblins.  We come across a number of hal-orcs, orcs, ogres, gnolls, kobolds, and other monsters but not any hobgoblins.  I think the link between Yaryar and Yarkuch is more likely, unless of course the their is a link between Splinterskull and Droaam. Hm…

Thanks for your reading and pondering this all!!  Happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Storyline Behind Irestone Inlet Shoots One of My Theories Down :(

  1. Forgive me for being a silly girl for asking but in what way is the baudry & three barrel cove quests linked? I’ve never noticed any similarities.


  2. Hey Mizz, when the Shadowfell Conspiracy was released, they changed the storyline for the Baudry Cartamon chain. Prior to the release, Hazadill was smuggling goods for the Emerald Claw. After the release, Hazadill had changed employers and is now smuggling goods for the pirates of Three Barrel Cove. Why they changed the storyline I’m not sure, but it does give a glimpse to new players that Three Barrel Cove exists and that is full of pirates. I’m thinking it might be a round about way to do some advertising to buy the Three Barrel Cove pack for those who might read the storyline. In any case, that is how they are linked :).


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