A Review of Ataraxia’s Haven

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to take Erdrique through the explorer area of Ataraxia’s Haven and I was able to complete all explorer, rares, and slayers.  The following contains some general information for Ataraxia’s Haven and does contain some spoilers, just as an FYI.  Ataraxia’s Haven is one of my favorite wilderness areas.  Ataraxia’s Haven is a small island that has a number of unique landscapes.  The island contains a number of beach areas (of course, it is a island so this make sense), a few caves, a number of ruins, an interesting lighthouse, and with the interior of the island being composed of an arid type habitat.  There is also quite a diversity of mobs spread throughout the Haven.  The various types of monsters include duergar, wildmen, razor cats, hyenas, island scorpions, rust monsters, spiders, and scrags.  There are 10 rare encounters and 16 explorer points.  The rare encounters are primarily predictable, with a named encounter for each type of monster on the island, with two named duergar, and one unique rare encounter with a kobold.  The slayer count hits a maximum at 1,500 slayers.

Erd taking on the duergar in the Haven photo ErdtakingontheduergarintheHaven_zps4e591b4d.jpg
Erdrique in one of the mines in the Haven with the named deurgar waiting below.

The design of Ataraxia’s Haven and the placement of the explorer zones and rare encounters makes developing a path/circuit around the island relatively simple.  One good thing about this explorer zone, is that the location of many of the explorer zones is also a location for a rare encounter.  This makes your initial entry in the Haven very profitable in terms of gaining experience.  Also in terms of the monster manual, it is a good source of razor cats and dwarves, which also adds to the gains in your experience. 

Running to Reclamation photo RunningtoReclamation_zps90b4c8ab.jpg
Erdrique running to the beach in the Haven.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the Haven is the distribution of the monsters throughout the explorer zone.  Although the Haven isn’t very large when compared to Gianthold or the Desert, the way the mobs are distributed through the area allows you to travel through the area without running through large areas of no encounters.  I like this aspect about the Haven because it makes all of your runs efficient and productive.  Unlike the Gianthold or the Desert, where you can run around large areas of the zone without encountering a single mob. 

In terms of the rare encounters, a few them can be pretty tough to spawn.  In my experience, the named scorpion and kobold seem to spawn less often.  Some of the rare encounters actually occurr in multiple locations as well.  The named hyena, can be found in three separate locations, the named razor cat in two separate locations and the named scorpion in to more locations.

The Haven is level 10 area and is a good source of initial experience for levels 8 through 14.  The duergar have a few tough mobs in their encampments, with the spellswords being the most dangerous, the scouts being the most annoying, and the bards just being a pain.  The razor cats can be dangerous if you take too many of them at once while the wildnmen like to hit you with special slow attacks. 

With this last iteration of my runs through the Haven I earned over 100,000 experience.  The area is fun to run and I always enjoy my time through it.  Well that is it for now, until next time!!  Get into the Haven and happy slaying!!    


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