And the World is Right Again!!!

Yesterday I wrote about my frustrations with my continued inability to log into the game.  Well, it looks like I was able to finally log in and stay logged on last night.  I was able to log and run Kanndar, my level 10 paladin through Dead Predators, Mirra’s Sleepless Nights, and Dead Girl’s Spellbook.  I was also able to log into the game this morning prior to work which allowed me to take my level 10 light monk, Lorrikk, into the Three Barrel Cove explorer area.

Kanndar taking on the undead in the Dead Predators photo KanndartakingontheundeadinDeadPredators_zpse4d6fa8a.jpg
Enjoying the fact I was able to log in with Kanndar last night to get through the first of three quests.  Using Kanndar here to take my frustration on my connection issues on the poor undead in Dead Predators.

Lorrikk vs Scortchtusk photo LorrikvsScortchtusk_zps4160891b.jpg
Lorrikk enjoying his adventures in Three Barrel Cove once again this morning!!!  Getting ready to face Scortchtusk.

I must say, the world is once again right and I’m able to get back to DDO!!  (As I knock on the closest thing to wood I have…).  It appears that might connection issues may have been due to one of my wireless internet routers.  To make a long story short, I was forced to use a modem/wireless router combination along with another wireless router.  I needed to do this because for some reason when I had first tried to set up the modem/wireless router combo device my computer wouldn’t connect to it, but for some reason it would connect to the secondary router.  In a strange set of occurrences, as I was fumbling around with the hardware last night, I was able to use the combo device and connect through its network.  Needless to say, I was able to log in.  Hopefully it will remain that way!!  (Again, knocking on wood…).  Thanks for listening to me moan everybody and I hope none of you have any connection issues!!  Now get back in game and start gathering that xp for your next TR!!  Happy hunting!!


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