Thoughts on the Keeper’s Sanctuary

Well, it has been a little while since I had a chance to write up an article, I typically get a chance to draft up an article every day while in between tasks at the office at work, but with Thanksgiving and things being a little hectic I fell a little behind.  Then of course I had my internet connectivity issues so I could get back into the swing of things in DDO but those seem to be solved..for now (knock on wood!!).

In either case, I wanted to take a second to write up an article on the quest the Keeper’s Sanctuary.  The Keeper’s Sanctuary is a quest bestowed by Archin Muriose who is found in the Drowning Sorrows Tavern in the front of the House Jorasco ward.  You cannot pick up the quest until you complete a different quest called the Haunted Library.  The quest entrance to the Keeper’s Sanctuary is located in Delera’s Graveyard and, as you can imagine, is chalk full of undead mobs.

Erd exploring the Keeper's Sanctuary photo ErdexploringtheKeepersSanctuary_zps45bf63e0.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Keeper’s Sanctuary.

The main premise of the quest is to acquire some sought after tomes and scrolls that were left behind in the Sanctuary for Archin.  Evidently these tomes/scrolls contained some powerful knowledge left behind by the clerics and monks of the Keeper, who were driven out of the sanctuary by the Silver Flame.  Archin reports that the Silver Flame didn’t have any interest in these tomes and scrolls and there sole purpose was just to drive out the Keeper’s followers.  Sounds easy enough?  I mean dang the sanctuary has already been cleared out right??  Yeah guess again…

One thing is painfully evident when you enter the Keeper’s Sanctuary.  The Silver Flame are either incompetent in driving out their enemies or they were so focused on just dealing with the living that they didn’t think the undead were worth the hassle.  Not to mention, the lack of actually exploring the sanctuary for anything of value leads one to think how well organized the Silver Flame actually is.  But then again, there is that whole Catacombs issue…

In either case, the Keeper’s Sanctuary has a wide variety of undead mobs…zombies, skeletons, mummies, wraiths, and ghouls and low and behold a living priest that is still residing in the Sanctuary.  However, the priest is behind a secret door.  Which also brings up another point about the Silver Flame because it was obvious that they didn’t have anybody who could detect secret doors because all of the tomes/scrolls were located behind secret doors as well as Annelisa, the living priestess who is still inside the Sanctuary (or who arrived later, not sure on that point).  In either case, I don’t think I know of another quest that has so many dang secret doors than the Keeper’s Sanctuary.  There are a number of them and they aren’t particularly difficult to spot either (I was seeing them with a Cannith Crafting Detect Secret Doors Goggles without any issues). 

Explosion in the Keeper's Sanctuary photo ExplosionsintheKeepersSanctuary_zps22c8b111.jpg
Erdrique fighting Annelisa in the Keeper’s Sanctuary.

The Keeper’s Sanctuary is a quest that I don’t think is run very much.  But it is unusual for two things: 1). the large number of secret doors in the quest and 2). it gives out House P favor.  Now why it gives House P favor is kind of bewildering to me, since all of the other quests in Delera’s Graveyard give House J favor.  I don’t see the link to House P. 

There is also another interesting plot twist to this.  In the quest, The Bounty Hunter, one of the optionals is rescue/talk to another, Annelisa…who looks surprisingly like the Annelisa you fight in the Keeper’s Sanctuary, although dressed a little differently.  Are these two linked?  Hm…

Well, that is a quick look at the Keeper’s Sanctuary and a bash on the Silver Flame.  Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!!       


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Keeper’s Sanctuary

  1. After playing DDO for 5 years and currently being 9 character levels from completionist on my main, I ran this quest for the first time tonight. And the main thing I noticed is that this quest is beautiful. The rooms are intricate and well-designed; the quest is very well thought-out, and there is just so much detail and care put into this that I can’t help but love this quest.

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