What’s the deal with the wildmen?

Over the past week or so I took Erdrique through Ataraxia’s Haven and the Restless Isles.  One thing that both of these areas have in common are the wildmen.  Going by the appropriate level ranges, you come across Ataraxia’s Haven first and then come on toward the Restless Isles.  However, there is a discrepancy here.  The storyline for the Restless Isles indicates that the wildmen the descendants of the servants of the Quori and they are only found in the Restless Isles.  This is why the wildmen can enter the Twilight Forge without any problems, however, if the wildmen are limited to the Restless Isles then how did they make their way to Ataraxia’s Haven?  They are also located in the Skyfall Coast, where they are present when the forces of Droaam begin to start their siege on Stormreach.

Erd enjoying the view in the Restless Isles photo EnjoyingtheviewintheRestlessIsles_zpsf6361846.jpg
Erdrique wondering about the secrets of the Restless Isles and the source of the wildmen.

So, then what is going on here?  I have two theories here and am wondering if there are any others.  My first theory is that the Restless Isles is the center for the wildmen.  I’m thinking that some of the wildmen were pushed out by the Runetusk Ogre clan and as a result they made their way to Ataraxia’s Haven and to the Skyfall Coast.  Therefore they have migrated to new areas to establish a new home. 

My second theory, perhaps the Quori once used these two areas for some purpose as well.  Perhaps there are some ancient Quori secrets here, and similar to the Restless Isles, these wildmen are the descendants of those servants for the Quori.  So it could be possible that the reports from Ataraxia’s Haven and the Skyfall Coast weren’t up to date, therefore suggesting to the explorers of the Restless Isles that the only place wildmen were found were located there.

So does anybody else have any other suggestions or thoughts?  Thanks for reading and happy hunting in the Islands!!      

4 thoughts on “What’s the deal with the wildmen?

  1. I can’t find any D&D lore about these guys. It’s as if Turbine created these guys as the butt monkeys for any other race that needed slaves or for quests where they’re understandably pissed off for having invaders trample about their homelands. They aren’t related to the wild men like you’d see in “The Two Towers,” but are more ape-like in their behavior.


  2. Wild men also appear in a house d quest(forget which one) and a couple other places. I’ve always figured they were the dudes from planet of the apes! 😉


  3. Yeah the lore for the wildmen is a little perplexing and that is why I was trying to set up a possible explanation for there sudden distribution. I’m also having a hard time relating the location of the Restless Isles to Ataraxia’s Haven to the Skyfall Coast. Mizzaroo is also correct, scrolling the entries in the DDOwiki, looks they are in the quest Storm the Beaches in House D which is located on Mistral Island. I also forgot that some are caged up and found in Genesis Point in Shavarath, forgot all about those ones since I hardly ever get out to the Devil Battlefield.


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