Review of the Tomb of the Unhallowed

Erdrique is currently working on his level 11 quests, which includes four quests required to open up the Cursed Crypt: Tomb of the Unhallowed, Tomb of the Forbidden, Tomb of Tormented, and Tomb of the Blighted.  This series is better known as Necro III.  Last weekend I started this series by taking on the the Tomb of the Unhallowed.  The Tomb of the Unhallowed is bestowed by a rather arrogant NPC named Lady Vienne.  She basically tells you to go to the Tomb to destroy the guardian and basically mentions that any lout can do this.  Of course there are a number of details that she doesn’t tell you…go figure.

Fight the cultists in the Tomb of the Unhallowed photo FightingthecultistsintheTomboftheUnahllowed_zpsa59a998f.jpg
Erdrique taking on some of the cultists in the Tomb of the Unhallowed.

The tomb is split into four hallways or quadrants, with the entrance of the tomb being in the center.  The guardian actually has four guardians of his own (a vampire, a giant skeleton, a quell, and a flesh golem), one in each quadrant, and these have to be destroyed to summon the primary guarding, a mummy.  To summon these guardians you have to attune an altar in each quadrant.  The quest is primarily composed of various undead mobs including wights, eternal skeletons, ghouls, wraiths, and zombies.  However, there are also some cultists in the tomb, which the good ol’ Lady doesn’t mention and she also doesn’t mention that they seem to be having issues with their undead comrades.  I find it interesting when you walk into a room and find the cultists fighting with the undead mobs, and for the most part not paying any attention to you until you jump into the mix.  LOL, I guess you can never trust those undead allies

Erd taking on the denizens of the Tomb of the Unhallowed photo ErdtakingonthedenizensofTomboftheUnhallowed_zpsa1897533.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Tomb of the Unhallowed.

An intriguing set of mobs in this quest are the ogre mages.  I’ve been wondering how these fellows relate to the cultists and to the storyline of the Black Abbott.  I’m not sure how their presence is accounted for because they don’t seem to be related to any other group we have encountered so far.  They do appear to be fanatic cultists, they just don’t happen to be one of the common races, but how did they become enticed by the Black Abbott?  In either case, they are in the tomb as well and can be annoying if not taken out quickly.

After killing the four guardians (of the guardian), you make your way back to the center and take on the ruthless mummy.  Of course he isn’t by himself but as soon as you kill him, the other mobs will go down soon enough.

Overall, the Tomb of the Unhallowed is an interesting quest.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to run, has a variety of undead mobs, a few optionals, a couple of traps, and some interesting plot twists (cultist fighting undead mobs and the ogre mages).  Out of the four quests to open up the Cursed Crypt, I probably enjoy this one the most.  It isn’t nearly as annoying as the Tomb of the Blighted, as frustrating as Tomb of the Tormented, and doesn’t require the passing of the gears as seen in Tomb of the Forbidden.      

I hope you all liked this quick and dirty review.  Thanks for reading and get back to slaying those undead mobs!! 


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