Having fun with Tomb of the Jade

The other day I was running Lorrikk who is a level 10 Half-elf Shintoa Monk.  I took him into Taming the Flames on elite.  Taming the Flames is just one of those quests than many players just loathe to do because it is extremely difficult for players that don’t have evasion because of the large number fire elementals that spawn in that quest.  However, I figured with Lorrikk I would be able to have a much easier time than most others because of his evasion and high reflex save..and because he has Tomb of the Jade.  Now I fully admit that I’m not an expert at monks at all, I would be lucky to be considered knowledgeable, but when it comes to this ability I find it outstanding!!

Lorrikk enjoying the use of Tomb of Jade photo LorrikkenjoyingtheuseofTombofJade_zps5111c92d.jpg
Lorrikk using Tomb of the Jade in Taming the Flames and having fun with those pesky fire elementals.

Tomb of the Jade is a special monk ability in the Shintao Prestige line that will encase a tainted creature in a tomb of jade on a failed will save (DC=10+Wisdom Modifier+Monk Level).  A tainted creature includes an aberration, extraplanar creatures that are not considered lawful outsiders, and undead.  Extraplanar creatures and undead enemies have to make two consecutive will saves or become encased.  Because fire elementals are extraplanar, the Tomb of the Jade works out quite well on these enemies!!

Lorrikk enjoying the questing in Taming the Flames photo LorrikkenjoyingquestinginTamingtheFlames_zps62b172ad.jpg
Lorrikk enjoying his time in the Scorched Caverns.

I worked on maintaining a high enough Ki amount, which wasn’t all that hard to do, and had a fun time encasing as many elementals as I could, as well as a few mephits.  With Lorrikk’s ability to encase these creatures in Jade, his evasion, high reflex saves, and his curative abilities he had no problems taking on the quest.  Out of all of my characters, Taming the Flames was most easily completed by Lorrikk.  I’m looking forward to moving him forward in his levels and learning more about his abilities.  Thanks for reading everybody!!


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