Dreams of Insanity…only died three times…

Well it has been a little while since I was able to draft up a blog post because of my wacky schedule with the holidays so I want to try to catch back up because I have done a number of things that I wanted to write about.  This first of these I wanted to talk about was a recent run through of Dreams of Insanity.  I took Erdrique through the Dreams of Insanity a few days ago and was quite glad I made it through with only three deaths.  Dreams of Insanity is a Level 11 quest that is rarely ran and it happens to be the “sister” quest to Xorian Cipher.  The quest is bestowed by another hobgoblin gatekeeper named Trakash in House Jorasco who is right next to the quest giver for Tempest Spine.  Like the Xorian Cipher, it has a small quest zone prior to the actual quest, called the Pools of Reflection.

Nice scenery in the pool of the reflection photo NicesceneryinthePoolofReflection_zps2ee3b32a.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the scenery in the Pools of Reflection and getting ready to fight the ancient constructs outside.

Just like Xorian Cipher, the Dreams of Madness is chalk full of chaos orbs, drow fanatics, drow scorpions, thaarak hounds, and our friendly beholders.  The primary premise of the quest is to close the primary portal and to destroy the legions that have already made their way from Xoriat. 

Fighting the drow in the Gate of Nightmares photo FightingthedrowintheGateofNightmares_zps9ab5f695.jpg
Erdrique fighting the drow in the Gate of Nightmares.

None of the Crypt Crawlers were on when I decided to venture into Gate of Nightmares, so I brought a hireling and brought out the Xoriat Shard and unjoyed the fact that I pulled out a chaos beholder.  I was quite happy and surprised to see the chaos beholder actually stone an ancient iron defender.

Erd's beholder stoning an ancient defender photo Erdsbeholderstoninganirondefender_zpsfca9c0b7.jpg
Erdrique’s chaos beholder “stoning” an ancient iron defender.

I also found it fitting that to help me take out a bunch of Xoriat fanatics that I was using summoned creatures from that same plane .  Taking a hireling through this particular quest is also quite challenging.  Primarily because the shrines are spaced far apart and the quest is actually pretty dang long as you have to circle or loop through it, basically twice, to open up the final room.  During this period of exchanges, cleric hirelings tend to use a whole lot of mana in this particular quest so you need to do quite a bit of hireling “management” if you want to be successful and not have them run out of mana.

There are a few named beholders and named drow scorpions in the quest, which can be challenging, and drow priests are tough if you don’t take them down right away.  However, the most challenging part of the quest is the end fight. 

The named beholder at the end is particularly tough/dangerous but the only part of this encounter is having to activate several runes to shut the final/main portal to Xoriat.  The runes are scattered througout the final room, including the rafters above.  And of course the rafters are dominated by drow archers.  So after you take out the name beholder, you have to run around and activate the runes before more beholders and thaarak hounds enter.  This is the hard part as you are constantly being bombarded from the drow and from the thaarak hounds as well as the beholders. 

With some luck, I was able to use a few invisibility potions and take out the drow archers and activate the runes with only a single death…damn disintegrate…

I had previously lost two other lives fighting the named beholders and his minions. 

This quest is particularly challenging and is one of the harder quests at level.  This quest is level 13 on elite and Erdrique is currently level 16 when he defeated it.  Without using patience and planning, a party can have a miserable time in here.  I wish it was ran more, it is an interesting quest.  Thanks for reading everybody, and happy slaying!!


5 thoughts on “Dreams of Insanity…only died three times…

  1. One of my favourite DDO moments was in the Pools of Reflection. Our guild was running through it to get to the mission and I was on with my fighter. Some warforged ran out to us, I was in front of the group and I hit trip. One of the warforged tripped and I ran past – distracting the rest while the guildies ran in the quest.

    It was excellent timing and made us laugh a lot! 😀


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