Rust monsters protecting iron ore in Maraud the Mines

Over the last week, I have been taking Erdrique through some level 11 quests which includes the side quest in the Sands of Menechtarun.  One of these quests is called Maraud the Mines.  Maraud the Mines is a walk up quest in the zone of the desert occupied by the firebrand gnolls and on the way towards the quest Chain of Flames. 

The chaos beholder shooting rays in Maraud the Mine photo TheChaosbeholdershootingraysinMaraudtheMines_zps34d7dc05.jpg
Erdrique getting help from his chaos beholder in Maraud the Mines.

The objective of the quest is quite simple, steal the gems and the ore from the firebrand gnolls.  The quest is relatively short and filled with some firebrand gnolls, earth elementals, fire elementals, and some rust monsters.  Now the gems and ore are found in crates and barrels which fall out when the containers are smashed.  During this particular run, the rust monsters were protecting the stash of iron ore.

Huge rust monsters protecting the iron ingets photo Hugerustmonstersprotectingironingets_zpsa8e58fe3.jpg
Huge rust monsters protecting the dead end path with the iron ore ingots in Maraud the Mines.

Now I know that the gnoll isn’t the brightest of all creatures, however, you would think they would know that setting up a bunch of rust monsters to protect a stash of iron ore ingots is probably not the wisest of ideas.  I mean come on, you are essentially giving the rust monsters a nice tasty snack of what they love best!!  Then again, you would think that would make the rust monsters all that more zealous in their guarding of the ore…hm..maybe it isn’t such a bad idea after all..

In either case, Maraud the Mines is a relatively simple quest that is straight forward to run once you realize the bridges overlap and as long as you don’t fall into the lava pit below…

Well that is it for now, thank you for your time reading and happy hunting in the desert!!


3 thoughts on “Rust monsters protecting iron ore in Maraud the Mines

  1. I love testing my ninjas here by totally going stealth in this one, no hirelings. Stay out of sight in the main hall, fight the essentials to get the ore and get out. Getting Devious in here is hard but not impossible. I agree on your post. Having rust monsters guard your iron ore is like telling my wife to guard a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips. 🙂


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