Some Thoughts and Theories About the Crystals in the Sands of Menechtarun

Anybody who knows me, knows that I really enjoy questing and exploring the Demon Sands, also known as the Sands of MenechtarunErdrique has been working on completing his level 11 and 12 quests on elite, which includes these quests.  He has also been working diligently on maxing out all the explorers, rares, and slayers for each wilderness area as he goes through his barbarian life.  So far he has done quite well on this endeavor, only missing one rare encounter in the Restless Isles.  Erdrique is now level 16, which is one level higher than what is allowed to gain full experience from the Desert wilderness zone, however I’m stubborn and really wanted to max the area out.  Especially since when he hit level 16 he had the explorers, rares, and gnoll slayers completed and was well on his way to finishing the scorrow and undead slayers. 

Zombies and more zombies photo ZombiesandmoreZombies_zps08cf6843.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Desert and fighting the undead.

Twilight in the Desert.

While taking Erdrique through the Desert, one thing pondered me when I picked up one of the explorer areas behind all of the pyramids.  The explorer point actually made note of the beautiful purple crystals that are springing up from the ground and how they make a spectacular view.  I started to wonder a little bit about this.  In most instances in fantasy settings, crystals are known to contain some type of strong magical force.  Now, I can be stretching this thought a little thin but since it was pointed out as an explorer area I started wonder about this possibility.  I wondered if the crystals were indeed magical or in some way could store magical power and if that was possible if King Raiyum was able to tap into that power.

The gnoll has met his end photo Thegnollhasmethisend_zps1ce86c57.jpg
Erdrique taking out a windlasher gnoll by the tombs in the Desert.

If you follow the storyline between the various quests of the Desert, one of the things you learn is that King Raiyum (who is now a lich) was one of the most powerful summoners the world has ever seen.  It was King Raiyum who summoned the powerful Demon Queen herself, Lailat, to the Desert.  This becomes even more evident when you explore the Desert and the various quests and you come across dust mephits, sand mephits, air mephits, elder air elementals, djinnis, flesh renders, fire reavers, efreetis, and hell hounds.  All of these extra planar creatures try to wreak havoc during our explorations of the pyramids and the explorer area around the tombs.  It is also mentioned that besides being a potent summoner, he was also a very strong caster with stories mentioning how he bested warriors and tricked the most powerful warriors to serve him. 

Raiyum’s protected vault in the Tomb of the Wizard King.

But what is never mentioned is how he obtained this spectacular power.  I’m beginning to wonder if he developed some way to harness the potential magic in the crystals that surround the pyramids in the Desert or if he was able to store magical energies into those crystals.  The crystals are quite large and numerous and I don’t recall see anything else quite like in any of the other explorer areas.  If Raiyum was able to use these crystals as a magical weapon then it would explain his strong rise to power and explains is arrogance in some aspects. 

Erd looking at the Burning City from afar photo ErdlookingattheBurningCityfromafar_zps4297fe31.jpg
Erdrique looking out toward the Burning City.

Just some random thoughts.  Ok all, thanks for reading and get back into the Demon Sands and right King Raiyum’s wrongs!!!  Happy exploring all!! 


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