It Was Just One of Those Runs

Awhile back, Spencarion wrote up a blog post on those embarrassing runs where everything you do you hear nothing but “ding” and you see your soul stone laying on the floor.  Well the other day I was running my level 9 favored soul, Harrgon, and I just happened to have one of those particular runs.  The questing day was going on so well too!!  Harrgon had just leveled up to 9 and then went forward to finish up the Sharn Syndicate series and Irestone Inlet on elite with help from a guildie and some hirelings.   After we blasted through those two quests with minimal issues, I suggested to knock out Proof is in the Poison.  And here is where my troubles occurred. 

Harrgon and two questing through Proof is in the Poison photo HarrgonandTwotoequestingthroughProofisinthePoison_zps6f22429e.jpg
Harrgon and Twotoe, both warforged, fighting in Proof is in the Poison.  It had started out so well..

Proof is in the Poison is already considered to be one of the toughest at level quests in game so it doesn’t need any help from the player to add to its difficulty.  I’m not sure what happened during this particular run, I guess it was just time for me to make a number of bone head moves.  Now keep in mind that Harrgon is favored soul (although he is a warforged) and is quite capable of healing himself but for some reason I just lacked the awareness to pay attention during this run.  Everything started to go down hill shortly after we got past the huge fire trap in the beginning of the quest on the bridge.  My guildie and I had summoned our hirelings and I had put my hireling cleric on passive and promptly forgot to take them off that setting.  Needless to say, my issues started at this point.  I was just relying too much on my cleric hireling for my own healing and simply forgot she was still set to passive until I became soul stone.  So their was my first death.

Harrgon taking on Woathe photo HarrgontakingonWoathe_zps8094dd7d.jpg
Although Harrgon had a tough time in this run, he had no problem with Woathe (notice he still has his ship buffs).

Ok, so at this point I’m already frustrated.  I just lost all of my buffs from our guild airship to help deal with the elemental damage from the Quickfoot casters, especially from their acid arrows and lightning spells.  So I knew things were going to be much more difficult.  Ok so this time I made sure the hireling was set back on protect and then started to progress back down the quest.  A little while later….the dreadful ding happened again.  What in the hell?  I then realized that  this time my hireling was nowhere near me at all…  See I had but on the boost from a pair of expeditous retreat casting boosts and evidently left my hireling in the dust.  So while I was fighting away and getting beat up on, my hireling decided I ran out of range and lost pathing.  So there was my second death…frustration is brewing even more…

Harrgon is hypnotized photo Harrgonishypnotized_zps5471a004.jpg
Did I mention that Harrgon got hypnotized a few times as well?  By this time he was killed a few times over.

Ok, so now I’m back up.  Cleric is with me and I’m not running out of its range.  The hireling is set to defend and now I start to make my way back to the halls of the Vile Apothecary with my guildie (who is laughing his ass by the way).  Ok, so we run into the next set of Quickfoot enemies and see a few caster spamming magic missles, acid arrow, and lightning bolts.  We head  for those guys first and, you guess it, “ding” for a third time.  I’m just dumbstruck now.  I guess this time the hireling got bugged and just simply didn’t want to help me.  Ok, I should have noticed that and of course I didn’t.  Now that is up to three deaths.

Frozen spider anybody photo Frozenspideranybody_zps51dd9ef8.jpg
Did I mention that the hirelings were also being a pain and both hireling clerics had died in the flame trap?  I had dismissed mine to bring it back up later. 

My guildie takes me back to the shrine and I get healed back up and continue on.  The next set of Quickfoot we have no problems with and I think I’m OK.  But then I hear, yet again, the fourth “ding”.  I look to see that casters are spamming magic missile.  I think to myself, ok, what killed me here?  Nightshield protects against that…one you have it cast on yourself…Are you kidding me?  I forgot to cast Nightshield…

I wound up getting killed one more time, for a total of five deaths during that particular run.  My guildie was just dying with laughter at each death as he had no problems staying alive.  LOL, it was just one of those runs I suppose.  We got through it, my pride was a little damaged, but it was still fun and humbling.

Oh well, you always will wind up with these types of runs eventually.  Thanks for reading all and remember to buff yourself and take care of your hit points as you do your questing!!


3 thoughts on “It Was Just One of Those Runs

  1. I’d say “Here’s your shrine,” but the two of you are on a first-name basis by now. 🙂 But, grats on your persistence. At-level and without good saves and an anti-mage solution, that baby remains a doozy of a quest to do.


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