One of Those Quests That Raises More Questions than Answers

One of those quests that tends to bring up more questions than answers to me, is the quest And the Dead Shall Rise.  While progressing Erdrique through his current life on the True Reincarnation train, he recently completed all of the level 11 quests on elite, which includes And the Dead Shall Rise (just a quick disclaimer, Erdrique runs do not include any raids at the moment, just the standard six man quests).  The quest giver for And the Dead Shall rise is Siendra d’Jorasco who is found not far away from the entrance to Delera’s Graveyard in House Jorasco.

Erdrique making his way through the Spire of Validus photo ErdriquemakinghiswaythroughtheSpireofValidus_zps7af24ae0.jpg
Erdrique breaking some coffins in the Spire of Validus.

The premise of the quest is to destroy a lich named Caliphor Validus.  Evidently a huge towering spire sprouted out from the ground where it was presumably destroyed and buried inside of Delera’s Graveyard.  We are called upon to enter the spire and to destroy Validus.

Erdrique fighting in the Spire photo ErdriquefightingintheSpire_zpsdc8863f4.jpg
Erdrique fighting a number of specters and wraiths in the Spire of Validus.

As you can imagine, with the Spire of Validus being in Delera’s Graveyard, the quest is primarily composed of undead mobs with some vermin thrown in there for good measure.  It does contain a wide array of skeleton types with brimstone skeletons, frost marrow skeletons, eternal skeletons, and bone shriekers being found throughout the spire.  Basically the quest requires you to travel up through the tower of spire until you hit the highest floor where Validus has made his lair.  There are a few traps on the way, just to make it more interesting.

Erd taking on many skeletons in the SPire of Validus photo ErdtakingonmanyskeletonsintheSpireofValidus_zps3db518ec.jpg
Erdrique enjoying taking on the myriad of skeletons in the Spire of Validus.

As you make your way through the Spire of Validus, I started to gather more questions then I did answers.  First off, who is Caliphor Validus?  We never do find out who exactly he is.  Was he some type of exiled wizard/necromancer?  What deeds or causes was he responsible for?  Why was he buried in Delera’s Graveyard?  Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to determine any of this.  The only thing we know is that Validus wanted eternal life, however we have no idea how he gained that power.  My original thinking is that he was somehow tied to House Jorasco, maybe a fallen noble who was somehow twisted. 

Erd fightin in the Validus Spire photo ErdfightingintheValidus_zps715793b5.jpg
Erdrique taking on the numerous mummies of the Spire of Validus.

There are a number of other questions that arise when we adventure through the Spire.  First off, one of the things we first encounter is a corrupted/tainted fountain.  I never knew what good this fountain was for especially since you can interact with it.  I also didn’t know what the altars were form that you come across as you venture up the Spire.  Using the DDOwiki, it turns out that if you use a Turn Undead use on the fountain that you can a few tokens that can be used to purify the altars.  This doesn’t really help that much dealing with the quest, it just helps deteriorate some of the zombies you encounter as you make your way up the spire.  Although this doesn’t really help that much through the quest, it does make one wonder why a powerful lich would provide a mechanism to help us kill his protectors.  The only thing I can think of is that the fountain and the altars are also used to help control these protectors and are somehow necessary for Validus.  Or perhaps the fountain and altars were previously put into the Spire and blessed to keep his spirit bound in one way or another but once he was released he was able to corrupt them.  King of like the soul locks in Delera’s.

Erd attempting to work on a ritual altar photo Erdattemptingtoworkonaritualaltar_zps1cca61a9.jpg
Erdrique attempting in vain to use an altar, not realizing he needed to have the fountain in the first level purified first to get what was needed to purify the altar here.

Another question comes up when we are making our way through the Spire.  In some instances, you can come across a few powerful mummy princes.  Who exactly are these mummies?  I’m guessing that these were not actual princes who were mummified but are just powerful warriors who either worked for Validus or were being punished with Validus.  In either situation, they have become powerful undead creatures that have become linked to Validus.

The last question though, if the Spire of Validus just rose out of the ground after it was destroyed and buried, wouldn’t it have caused a huge disruption throughout all of Stormreach?  I mean the Spire of Validus is huge and having a structure like that just rise out of the ground, one would think the earthquake like effects would have been felt throughout the city and especially in House Jorasco and Delera’s Graveyard.  We also don’t see any damage within Delera’s Graveyard itself.  I would like the ground shaking and everything would have caused tombstones to crack and tumble, shrines and mausoleums to fall, and crypts to shift.  However, we don’t come across any of that.  Makes you wonder if the Spire of Validus wasn’t really destroyed…but maybe just cloaked.  Hm, I wonder..

The quest And the Dead Shall Rise, is another one of those seldom run  quests.  It doesn’t contain anything worth of interest to pull and it is one of the more tougher quest to complete at level.  I was above level when I took it on, just knocking it out for the favor and experience (I was still within three levels of the quest).  The fight with Validus can be quite annoying as his dang floor starts to collapse once you start fighting him, so if you don’t take him out quickly, you find yourself falling down the whole length of the Spire.  When you make it back to him, he simply walks across the air and you are forced to range him while he felts you from afar.  The best thing to do is to take him as quickly as possible. 

Well that is quick and dirty review of And the Dead Shall Rise.  Like I mentioned, there are more questions than answers.  Maybe they will be flushed out sometime later.  That’s it for now, thanks for reading and enjoy your hunting through the Spire!!! 


One thought on “One of Those Quests That Raises More Questions than Answers

  1. Just ran this earlier. It’s storyline does seem a bit orphaned. I think many skip it since trying to complete this with melee only ends in tears and a very long drop since the lair’s floor falls. Even with ranged, the lich *loves* Disintegrate.


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