Who is Bergthrym?

I was running my second True Reincarnated character, Hamllin, the other day through the Shan-to-Kor quest chain.  The Shan-to-Kor quest chain is an interesting set of quests that gives us our first glimpse into some of things that surround the Stormreaver.  I made my way through the first two parts of the chain with little difficulty.

Hammlin stunning hobgoblin Clerics photo Hamllinstunninghobgoblinclerics_zpsa6231f04.jpgHamllin making his way through the Caverns of Shaagh.

Hamllin ranging a hobgoblin cleric photo Hamllinrangingahobgoblincleric_zpsd07fa47f.jpg
Hamllin ranging a cleric from a far.

After all of the times I have ran Shan-to-Kor I never really wondered about one aspect of the quest.  I always wondered what significance this seal held and why it was so important but after I defeated Hetman Shaagh during this go round I was puzzled about something else.

One of the things you learn is that the seal is supposed to be delivered to somebody named Bergthrym.  Well, who exactly is this Bergthrym?  Why does he want the seal of Shan-to-Kor?  What if he is some other Wayfinder? 

We never learn anything at all about him and what his goals are.  Makes you wonder what else this Bergthrym has had his hands in. 

Until next time, thank you for reading and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Who is Bergthrym?

    • Yeah I completely didn’t pick that up at all. Didn’t come close to realizing that Bergthrym was actually one of the named fire giants at the end of Threnal. Very interesting indeed!!


  1. there are a lot of mini arcs in this game, for what i know the seal would prove imperial blood and join the giant tribes. Bergthrym is found in a therenal quest but it does not state if he was trying to open the door to xoriat or trying to close it.

    TO me it looks like he intended to open it and gain power, just as the ancient giants did ( check caverns of corromar in the ddo wiki,
    there are all the dialogs and journals, its a greeat lecture). the story goes; waterworks ( ven al kerran lokked for the seal there)/ STK(the seal)/ Therenal( Mr. B tryng to do what other did in korromar)/ Necro 1-4 with the dead of the abbot( the burst of energy by his death moved the planes so the devils inavaded the vale of twilight)/ The chronoscope( check for the conversation of Velah and Cyodine in elf form)/ Vault of night ( vela tried to foresee a disaster/ Gianthold( with velah dead cyiodine had to act and stop the stormreaver doomsday machine)/

    Cant see the exact spot where the invasion of arraetrikos fits, before the chronoscope, after gianthold? dunno… and then the fall of truth ends with the stormreaver. there is also the story arcs from the tower of despair (after vale), the phiarlan charnaval, and the .demon sands ( those are conected with shavarath, and gianthold, you see widnlasher gnolls went to GH to seek richies and their tribe made a pact with the devils)

    Peww, sorry for the wall of text, fell free to correct me if you see a mistake or add more. Keeping the line in this game with sucha rich story background, many stories and some travel of time isnt easy

    Send a tell to Sforza if you pass by Sarlona someday…


    • Well don’t forget that the Stormreaver is also linked to the Inspired Quarter and the Quori, and that is when he teams up with the Truthful one. There are definitely a large number of storylines intertwined so far. I’ll have to keep a better tab on the Threnal story line, as I completely missed the reference to Bergthrym. Thanks for the notes!! 🙂


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