Fun with Soundburst

The other day I wrote about the hard time I had with Harrgon in the quest Proof is in the Poison.  However, those weren’t the only runs I took him through that night, I had also taken him through Come Out and Slay and Irestone Inlet.  Those quests went much smoother and mainly because of the spell Soundburst

Harrgon heading down the halls of the Tenaments photo HarrgonheadingdownthehallsoftheTenements_zpseeba0e06.jpgHarrgon making his way down the Tenaments in Come Out and Slay. 

Soundburst is a low level spell that is immensely helpful in the lower level quests.  Its radiating effect is useful and often times leads to a large number of stunned mobs standing around you wondering what had happened to them.  As a result, it is a pretty effective low level source of crowd control.  Harrgon was able to make pretty good use of Soundburst during these runs and enjoyed watching the mobs standing around him with the white stun symbols swirling around their heads.

Harrgon and two questing through Proof is in the Poison photo HarrgonandTwotoequestingthroughProofisinthePoison_zps6f22429e.jpg
Harrgon even used Soundburst in Proof is in the Poison, even that run was much more difficult than he had planned.

Harrgon and Two working in Irestone Inlet photo HarrgonandTwotoeworkinginIrestoneInlet_zps29fc2516.jpg
Harrgon getting some help from Twotoe in Irestone Inlet.

If you are a divine caster or a bard, Soundburst is one of those spells that can become a life saver at the lower levels.  It is fun to use and pretty effective, at least for those time I have used it. 

So when you get a chance, load up Soundburst on those lower level characters and watch as the crowd of angry mobs stands there wondering what hit them.  Thanks for reading all and have fun questing!!


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