Is There Such a Thing as a Loot Run in DDO anymore?

One of the main reasons why people like to play games such as DDO is to gain loot !!!  Over the years, loot runs in DDO have changed and varied.  I was wondering about this the other day and began to wonder if what we have in today’s game if anything could really be considered a loot run.

The first loot run I remember was in the quest the Caverns of Korromar.  At the time, groups would form up to run up the path to the chest that is currently guarded by two fleshrenders and that is locked by a gold key.  At the time, that same chest was only guarded by one fleshrender and it wasn’t locked.  Groups would run in there and pop that chest and recall, break group reform, and rinse and repeat.  The whole run only took a few minutes at most and was a quick loot run indeed.

After we would ransack that chest, we would run into the Ruins of Threnal.  The Giant Caves were the next set of quests that were considered to be a loot run.  We would run from the one Giant Cave to the next one.  At that time these quests were known to drop +5 Mithral Fullplates, +1 Stat Tomes, paralyzers, vorpals, banishers, smiters, and disrupters which were all coveted at the time.  After hitting up the Giant Caves, the next quest to fall under the loot ransack chain was Xorian Cipher.  Xorian Cipher was ran so often to look for the Planar Gird and the Chaos Guard Bracers, both of which were again highly coveted.

A few updates later, the Sands of Menechtarun was released and the next few things that were desired by adventurers were the Bloodstone, the Ring of Spell Storing, and the Fire Storm Greaves.  Hitting the desert chests to ransack was a normal state of the game.  After adventurers sacked the desert, we would hit up the Tomb of the Wizard King.  Players figured out how to power through the Wizard King in no time and to access the Wizard King’s loot chamber to get three more chests at the end of the quest.

After that, the Ruins of Gianthold was released.  The next loot run was the Prison of the Planes.  Adventurers would constantly run the Prison of the Planes to ransack hoping to get tomes, a top tier 5 weapon (vorpal, banisher, smiter, paralyzer, disruptor), Kardin’s eye, and Spiked boots.

However, from that point forward the staple quest run seemed to disappear.  The Orchard of Macabre was released next and the primary runs were done to obtain tapestries, tome pages, and shield pieces for there respective turn in rewards.  The Vale of Twilight was released and it seemed that all of these quests were run with the same amount of frequency, mainly because you needed to get the five Shavarath Stones to get into the Shroud.  At this point, the Shroud became the customary “loot run”, but mainly players were running the the Shroud to do the greensteel crafting, with the “loot run” as a secondary off shoot.

In today’s game, most players run quest chains to get specific named rewards.  The “loot run” is no longer  the same as it was when the game came out and not even from a few years to go.  However, even though the “loot run” is no longer a staple, running quests to obtain specific loot from quest chains is still desired by many adventurers and will always be a staple in DDO.

What do others think?  Are there anymore “loot runs”?

Shan-to-kor is another commonly ran quest for a named item, in particular the Ring of Feathers.  Seems to be that more quest chains are ran for their loot rewards as opposed to the tradition loot run from the past.


4 thoughts on “Is There Such a Thing as a Loot Run in DDO anymore?

  1. I think it’s evolved, but it’s still there.

    When I started playing with my friends (and guildies) we ran certain quests/wilderness areas for specific items, as we didn’t have them.

    Nowadays, I think the only time we actually think about loot is when there are loot boosts on and we eE missions with the highest number of chests.


  2. I still occasionally see ppl farming side chests in quests (or end chest), and me and Osi have been farming the side chests in eADQ (quest) for seals. One of the few items I’d love to have is the epic spell storing ring, but I’ve never see seal or shard drop.


  3. Afaik, most common loot farm atm is zerging EN Wheloon chain for endreward lvl27-28 Wondrous/Master craftsmanship random Loot Gen items. B/c most named items can’t compete with few exceptions. My favorite item I got atm is lvl27 Ogre +10 Belt of False Life 50(Wond. Craft)


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