The Origin of Zawabi

Over the past few weeks, I have been running quite a bit in the Demon Sands, or better known as the Sands of Menectharun.  The background for the Demon Sands centers around a long lost tyrant, King Raiyum, who was a powerful wizard and perhaps the most talented and strongest summoner to live in Ebberron.  King Raiyum, in his arrogance, summoned a powerful demon into his realm, Lailat.  Lailat is a marilith and when she arrived she manipulated King Raiyum and the local forces of drow and gnolls to her whim.  When our adventurers arrive on the outskirts of the Sands of Menechtarun, we learn that Zawabi, a very powerful djinni, is looking for help to banish Lailat from the Demon Sands.  Zawabi tells us that he counseled King Raiyum to  not follow Lailat but Raiyum was swayed nonetheless and now Zawabi is trapped in his refuge.  However, even though he is trapped in his refuge he is still powerful and too powerful for Queen Lailat to assault him directly.  So our adventurers are tasked to gather three powerful relics that Zawabi can use to trap Lailat and to allow us to kill her.

Erd taking on the drow of the Menechtarun Desert photo ErdtakingonthedrowoftheMenechtarunDesert_zpsfe32b084.jpg
Erdrique exploring the desert and running into some drow.

So, we know that Queen Lailat was summoned into the Sands of Menechtarun by King Raiyum.  We also know Queen Lailat used her influence to raise death and destruction throughout the region by showing the drow how to worship Vulkoor and the sacrifices he would need to be satisfied and by creating dissent among the gnolls and encouraging the gnolls to enter into the slave trade as well as to dominate all mining operations in the area while at the same time to continue to raid and pillage caravans and villages.  We don’t really learn exactly where Queen Lailat came from but we know she can teleport to a safe haven at will.  We can only assume that her home plane is most likely Shavarath.

Five against one-feel sorry for these gnolls photo Fiveagainstone-timetofeelsorryforthegnolls_zpsba7613b2.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the gnolls of the Burning City in the Demon Sands.

However, what exactly do we know about Zawabi?  We assume that his intentions are good.  He is the source of the peace and serenity in his refuge and we know he holds consider power.  We also know that he despises Lailat and that King Raiyum betrayed him.  However, how exactly did Zawabi get to the Sands of Menechtarun himself?  Did King Raiyum also summon him here as well?  I’m wondering if King Raiyum summoned both of these powerful beings at the same time.  What if Zawabi and Queen Lailat were actually partners in some broader scheme and the Queen turned on our trustworthy djinni?

Zombies and more zombies photo ZombiesandmoreZombies_zps08cf6843.jpg
Erdrique releasing some of King Raiyum’s undead slaves from servitude.

When our adventurers first enter into the Tomb of the Wizard King, we see that two of the guardings to the mummies of the The Lion, The Jackal, and the lich King Raiyum are actually other djinni.  There were basically chained to this realm by King Raiyum, so we can see he can summon and seal djinni to this plane.

Although the possibility exists that Zawabi and Lailat may have been partners/allies at one time I just don’t see it likely.  Zawabi seems to have more of a motive to rid the Desert of evil as opposed to revenge, although he does enjoy destroying King Raiyum’s phylactery quite a lot.  My initial thoughts are that Zawabi made his way into this area on his own and decided to make a home here.  He probably counseled with King Raiyum frequently and the other local lords and watched as King Raiyum became more powerful and corrupt.  I get the sense that his real intentions are to restore the land he loved when he originally arrived and possibly even guilt that he didn’t stop the atrocities that the Queen created.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading all.  But now it is time to get back into game and to start slaying some monsters!!  Happy questing everybody!!


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