So Far So Good on My New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

In a previous post, I outlined what my resolutions and goals were for 2014 in DDO.  Just as a recap here they are:

1).  Recruit more members in Crypt Crawlers
2).  Enter the pugging scene more often-joining and leading groups
3).  Create a few new characters to play

1).  Continue to work on Erdrique’s completionist
2).  Maintain characters through all level ranges
3).  Continue to participate in the DDO game community

Kanndar, Gamefuel, and Spirtfinder in the Iron Mines photo KanndarGamefuelandSpirtfinderinTheIronMines_zps4e31199f.jpg
Kanndar with a few new recruits working through Grey Moon.

With two weeks nearly completed in the new year, I feel that I have done a good job with “staying on task”.  Over the past two weeks, I have been able to recruit four new Crypt Crawlers into the guild, although one has already left (I’m trying to get in contact to find out why but it might just be one of those bad fits).  I have been actively sending out calls for recruits through the general chat channel (about once an hour or so, primarily in the Harbor and Market) and hosting/leading more pug groups while looking for good unguilded players.  So far I have been able to recruit a few members from the level 8 to 18 range while playing three different characters.

Erd watching his beholder photo Erdwatchinghisbeholder_zpsb289db77.jpg
Erdrique leading gathering a party for the Black Anvil Mines and getting help from his chaos beholder.

I have also put up a number of groups in the social panel over the past two weeks.  So far the majority of my pug groups have been pretty good with only one instance of “weirdness”.  I put up groups for quests ranging from Korthos Slayers to Foundation of Discord.  I did have one instance where I had put up a group for Invaders! on elite and had already started the quest.  I had one pug hit the LFM panel and come join me.  Now mind you I was struggling a little bit by the time he joined me.  I ran into an issue where my hireling got killed and the next thing I new the pug had left the group without a word.  Not sure what happened there.

I lead a number of Gianthold Slayer, Explorer, and Rare groups and took a number of people around who were greatly appreciative.  That made me feel pretty good.

As for creating new characters, haven’t gotten to that point yet.  I plan on creating a new character this weekend but we’ll see how that goes. 

As for my goals, Erdrique is nearing level 20 and will be ready for his next heroic reincarnation soon.  He is still working on his level 13 quests.  In fact, I just completed Assault on Summerfield on elite.  Needless to say, he has definitely benefited from the changes to experience.  As of right now, I seem to have some character level gaps at around the 13 to 16 area.  The majority of my characters are either above 16 or below 11.  Charlock is level 12 while Kanndar, Lorrikk, and Cantlin are all level 10.  So hopefully that gap will be filled soon. 

As for the DDO Community, I’m still keeping up with my bloging .  I have also commented a few posts here and there on the forums and with other bloggers but would like to do more.  Just need to fit into the schedule

Overall, the year has started out pretty good and I hope it continues!!  Later all, thanks for reading and happy questing!!  


3 thoughts on “So Far So Good on My New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

  1. 🙂 Good luck with your goals.

    For me, I used to pug a lot. Like every time I ran a quest, most of the time putting up my own. But now, TR’ing on my own, I’m just too embarrassed to lfm for a quest I don’t know really well, so I’ve been soloing a lot just to learn my way around. 🙂 I often check the lfm, and if I see someone I know (like yesterday, I saw an ex guildie who’s working on triple completionist running 3bc), in the right level range, I sometimes join them.


  2. Luckily I know the vast majority of the lower level quests pretty well so I have been pretty comfortable with putting up quests. I used to pug quite a bit, then put it the side after I ran into some pretty bad groups. Working with Erd’s Tr’s, I have noticed that the majority of the quests I need are typically not in the lfm panel, probably because they aren’t the highest experience point quests so if I want to pug I need to it put it up.


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