The Spot Skill

Over the past few years of playing DDO and creating a number of different characters, as well as going through a few TRs, one thing I have learned is how valuable the Spot skill is for all character classes.  When I first started playing DDO, I typically only put build points into Spot if was a Rogue or Ranger.  Now, I consider it one of the the primary skills to put points into for all of my characters, especially my characters that are 32 or 36 point builds. 

I remember when I first started playing DDO and being constantly surprised by enemy sneaks and rogues.  By spending points in Spot, I can spot the majority of enemies that are hiding and have plenty of time to prepare for my oncoming onslaught .

Hamllin Spotting Folks In STK photo HamllinspottingfolksinTangleroot_zps4eed7425.jpg
Hamllin noticing a number of hidden enemies while running through Shan-to-Kor.

The majority of the time, I can at least get two or three blows on the enemy monsters even before they register that I’m there, which allows me to get a jump on them.  I can also determine which enemies are the greater threat and to them first (I’m thinking mostly of those shamans and casters that sometimes are hidden) and ignoring the other enemies around them.  If I didn’t have a decent Spot skill, I would stumble first upon the lesser worrisome fighter and ranger types and not notice the casters until they threw down a few spells.  I found this especially useful in the explorer areas, where a number of the wolves, scorpions, hyenas, wildcats, fiendish lions, and other wildlife tend to be hidden the majority of the time. 

A secondary effect of having a high Spot skill is that it often allows you to notice where hidden doors are as well, which is always nice when it comes to experience.  I also have noticed that with a decent Spot skill you pick up on a number of other things while exploring a dungeon which you wouldn’t have noticed before, things like marks in the ground which the DM voice over clues you in on.

 photo ErdfightingthePrideLeader_zpsde0e2ab1.jpg
Erdrique attacking the Pride Leader before he has a chance to break out of his “sneak mode”.

In any case, if you have any extra skill points, consider putting them into spot to help find those hidden mobs, which will allow you to get the jump on them instead of the other way around.  Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!!  


3 thoughts on “The Spot Skill

  1. 🙂 I don’t believe I’ve put any points in spot after creation on any toon. I was going to put points in bluff on my bard.. but again ran out of points. Most of my toons are skill deprived.


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