Rimuldar Having Some Fun in Epic Normal VON

I currently have five characters running in epic levels (Rimuldar, Wapoyei, Garrrin, Kolll, and Larrs).  All of these characters are level 22 or less, so I’m moving them slowly through the various epic quests while putting more focus on Erdrique and his True Reincarnation train.  Recently, I logged on with Rimuldar (Level 21 Archmage/Magister) and decided to run The Vault of Night on epic normal.  Since I have decided to put more of a focus to the pug scene for this year, I created a post for a group in the LFM panel.  I was kind of worried how this would turn out because I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to hold up my end in the pug scene for the higher level quests, especially since I haven’t concentrated on gearing up the majority of my characters, especially with my casters. 

So, after I created the group in the LFM panel, I entered the Tharashk Arena and started to make my way down the quest.  I summoned forth a Favored Soul/Exalted Angel hireling, my Onyx Panther, and my level 17 Owlbear.  After taking a few minutes to buff (and to figure out where all of my spells were since it always takes me some time to get readjusted to my caster’s hot bars) I started off.  Coming down the first hallway was a breeze, taking out the hobgoblins, bugbears, and minotaurs.  I ran into a little more difficulty after I passed the promoter and entered into the arena cells.

Rim hacking away at a Troll in VON 1 photo RimuldarhackingawayataTrollinVON1_zpsa233ecad.jpg
Rimuldar hacking away at a troll in VON 1.

One thing I tend to do with my casters is I tend to blow through their spell points much too quickly.  I have started to pay more attention to this and will routinely enter into the fray with the melees, at least with my hires (as you see above).  Making my way to the chamber room 1 was completed relatively easily and I didn’t really have much of an issue until I made into the actual arena.  I was laying down a number of fire walls, using greater shout to stun the mobs as much as possible, and putting down acid fog to help with some crowd control as well as some damage over time, as well as cycling through my magic missile spells (arcane blast, chain missiles, arcane bolt, etc..), scorching ray, acid bolt, and sometimes disintegrate. 

One thing I had learned when I took Rimuldar through “The Last Stand” on Epic Normal was the power of Symbol of Persuasion, so when I entered the arena I put that symbol up and was relieved to see a number of enemies get charmed, especially the air elementals.  It was nice to see the kobald casters get kicked around.  The fights did last a little long, but I was never really ever in any danger of failing.

When I had just completed VON 1, I had received a request from a player to join the party.  I sent a tell to the requester and let them know I had just finished and offered for them to come in for a shot at the chest.  So he joined the group and we started chatting about some builds and what we were planning while he was making his way to the chest.  When he finally got to the chest, we popped it open but unfortunately he didn’t get any loot because I had already completed the quest. 

However, I mentioned that I was going to take on VON 2 next if he was interested and he happily joined me.  He was playing a warforged wizard.  We picked up the quest and entered Mistress Oprhine’s dream.  I just knew I was going to embarrass myself .  However, the quest run went well and we only ran into a few minor issues with the beholders and fire giant, where I actually survived but my party mate had suffered a death.  We laughed on it and I was able to raise him up and we finished the quest.  It was nice because the quest was completed and a new friend was made, which is the strongest aspect of the game!!

Rimuldar burning up a Quori Stalker photo RimuldarsettingaQuoriStalkeronFire_zps618099d8.jpg
Rimuldar burning up a quorti stalker.

Rim assisting his Owlbear and onyx panher photo RimassistinghisOwlbearandOnyxPantherwithaThaarakHound_zpsc809f3c1.jpg
Rimuldar conserving spell points again and swinging away (can’t tell I generally play melee oriented characters can you?…)

So all in all, I had a fun time with Rimuldar, both in running VON 1 and 2 on Epic Normal and in meeting a new friend.  I hope the trend continues throughout the year!! 

Thank you for reading everybody and I wish you well in your quests and happy hunting!!


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