Mistress Orphne fooled by the Inspired Quarter?

The other day I blogged about Rimuldar and his runs through Epic VON 1 and VON 2.  However, as we started VON 2, I started to think about something concerning Mistress Orphne.  According to Marek, Mistress Orphne was a fearsome sorceress that was tricked by the cult better known as the Inspired Quarter. 

Our adventures eventually lead us to deal with the Inspired Quarter in Stormreach when Graden Wylkes is concerned about some suspicious activity in the Stormreach Harbor.  Turns out that Graden was correct, the Inspired Quarter have created a foothold in the Harbor and as a result they have started to take over a number of various people by entering their dreams. 

File:L The Prisoner.jpg
Load screen from VON 2: The Prisoner, courtesy of the DDOWiki.

It just makes me wonder how exactly a nobleman/coinlord such as Graden can realize that something is amiss while a powerful sorceress such as Mistress Orphne was fooled.  Was there some other stronger agent of the Inspired sent to take control of the powerful Mistress?  If so why?  How is it that Graden was able to suspect that something was wrong?  Is he more than what he seems?  Questions, questions, and more questions…

Something ponder.  Thanks for reading and wondering all.  Get back to the questing and happy hunting!!


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