What NPC’s would you like to meet in person if you could?

While I’m running around Stormreach and Eveningstar with the myriad of characters I have created and adventure with, I can’t help wonder what it would be like to actually meet some of the NPCs that we commonly encounter in the game.  Some of the more interesting NPCs I would like to meet would include:

1).  The Dragon Emissaries from Argonesson-Cydonine especially
2).  The Stormreaver
3).  Elminster (Have to put him in here right?)
4).  Zawabi
5).  Fred and Joe Lantern (for curiosity sake)

I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to meet a real life dragon and learn about their ways and customs and watch their ability to shape shift from a huge dragon to a humanoid form.  The Stormreaver would be an interesting one to meet, to learn about all of his experiences and to gauge what wisdom he has to offer.  Elminster, well I don’t think there are too many people who are as smug as Elminster but he would be interesting to meet to say the least.  I wrote about Zawabi in a previous post and while I’m not sure of what his attentions are, I find him a fascinating character and would be really interested in meeting him.  And the last two, who wouldn’t be curious about meeting a friendly mind flayer?

What other NPCs would be interesting to meet?  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Safe questing!! 

What a stare from Yenar photo WhatastarefromYenar_zpscb0b3037.jpg
Although Erdrique has met a number of interesting NPCs in the game, meeting a medusa in real life isn’t one I would find to be interesting…


9 thoughts on “What NPC’s would you like to meet in person if you could?

  1. 🙂 did you mean “attention” or “intention”, btw?

    I don’t think the dragons or the Stormreaver could be trusted to not eat you, stomp you to death or use one of their elemental strikes/ breaths to disintegrate you. Elminster may have some interesting wisdom to offer, though.

    Trying to think of NPC’s that I even remember (I don’t pay that much attention to them, lol). Oh, I know. I’d like to meet Ana Brabener. I have some questions for her. I found this: http://ddowiki.com/page/Category:NPCs


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