A Recap of the Runs Over the Weekend

This past holiday weekend, I ran a different number of quests across a variety of level ranges.  On Friday morning, I was scheduled to take Erdrique through the Ruins of Gianthold Explorer area.  At that time Erdrique was working on maxing out his kills in the Stormheart and Stormfist encampments.  I spent a few minutes in the explorer area prior to work collecting more kills.

Erd getting smacked by a blackheart oracle photo Erdgettingsmackedbyablackeartoracle_zps0c2c7c50.jpg
Erdrique slicing through some Stormhearts first thing in the morning

After work, I was scheduled to log in Hamllin.  Hamllin is currently a TR and is level 6.  I took him through Depths of Doom and Depths of Discord on elite and continued his streak.  I put the runs up in the LFM panel but didn’t get anyone else to join me for Depths of Doom.  However, I did get some help from another during the run through the Depths of Discord.  Both of the runs were fun and I had no problem getting through them.

Ogre shaman knocked silly by Hamllin photo OgreshamanknockedsillybyHamllin_zps995fd6ae.jpg
Hamllin fighting through the ogres of the Depths of Doom.

Look at all of those enemies photo Lookatallofthoseenemies_zpsfcdaf6c1.jpg
Hamllin spotting a number of enemies in the depths.

Hamllin fighting the earth elementals in the Depths of Discord photo HamllinfightingtheearthelementalsintheDepthsofDiscord_zpsf91fe0cc.jpg
Hamllin fighting his way through the Depths of Discord.

I logged off with Hamllin to make dinner and to spend some with my wife and relogged on with Erdrique later than night and I started a pug group to continue my hunting in the Gianthold Explorer area.  I was joined by a fellow guildie, Khameltwo, and a few other pugs.  That night I reached my 3,000th kill for the Stormheart Encampment and after my varies experience bonuses I gained 55,000 experience.   

Erd slicing through the Runetush in GH photo ErdslicingthroughtheRunetusksofGH_zpsfceb3e7f.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Stormheart Encampment with some others.
On Saturday night, a new guildie, Nuvaleasha, asked for some help in completing the A Cabal for One on Epic Hard.  I logged on Wapoyei, and we entered the Hobgoblin Lair.  We had a number of struggles and after using a couple raise dead cakes we made it to the end fight and took on the last fight.  We had some problems with King Bendix but we eventually took him out.  Prior to that fight we brought the trash monsters out a few at a time that way we wouldn’t be over loaded.  After we completed A Cabal for One, we attempted A Small Problem, also on Epic Hard.  Nuvaleasha had never done this series of quest before so he didn’t quite know what to expect.  We didn’t have too many issues until the end fight fight where we just couldn’t bring out enough DPS to take out all of the wolves and tieflings.  One tiefling in particular was driving me crazy because I couldn’t find her and she kept throwing down cometfalls.  We also had a problem getting to the sky altar, where we kept getting knocked off.  Eventually we made it past that point only to be frustrated at the end.  So we owe that quest.. 

Wapoyei and Nuvaliasha fighting through the hobgoblins of A Cabal for One photo WapoyeiandNuvaliashafightingthroughtheforcesofHobgoblinLair_zps4c027697.jpg
Wapoyei and Nuvaleasha exploring the Hobgoblin Lair on Epic Hard.

Wapoyei and Nuvaliasha fighting their way through A Small Problem photo WapoyeiandNuvalaishafightingtheirwaythroughASmallProblem_zps3db22aca.jpg
Wapoyei and Nuvaleasha putting down firewalls and bladebarriers in A Small Problem.

Shortly after that, Nuvaleasha had to call it a night so I logged Erdrique on and took him through a Cry for Help on elite.  With the help of my Owlbear and my cleric hireling, I was able to breeze through it. 

Erdrique enjoying his run through the Raksasha Lair photo ErdriqueenjoyinghisrunthroughtheRaksashaLair_zpsbf5b83fc.jpg
Erdrique slicing his way through A Cry for Help on elite. 

On Sunday, I logged on a character on my free account, Containment, who is a level 2 cleric, and took him through Walk the Butchers Path on Normal, Hard, and Elite and then took him through The Sunken Sewer on Elite.  During my runs of Walk the Butchers Path, I had put up the party using the automatic posting feature and I had a few lower level pugs come and help me out.  One of the members I wound up recruiting into the guild, Lotrever.  When we finished Walk the Butchers Path we headed over to the Market and entered the Sunken Sewer where it didn’t take long for me to be roasted by the poison traps (I swear I was past that trap when it killed me…ugh..).  I felt a little embarrassed by Lotrever got me to a shrine and we finished the quest.  I had to call it a night after that.

Containment being held by a kobald shaman photo ContainmentbeingheldbyaKobaldShaman_zps5bb9a121.jpg
Containment failing a will save on a hold…dang 2’s…

Then on Monday night, I logged on another character on my free account, Stoorage, a level 9 fighter.  I was actually multi-tasking that night, as I was also playing a digital pen and paper game as well.  Stoorage tackled Tangleroot on hard and no problems dealing with the hobgoblin horde.   

Surrounded by infiltrators and slayers photo Surroundedbyinfiltratorsandslayers_zps446dd3fc.jpg
Stoorage surrounded…feel sorry for these hobgoblins.

So over all, the long weekend wasn’t bad.  Ran some low level characters through the Harbor and Market, knocked out some Gianthold Slayers and Quests with Erdrique, hit up some of the Depth quests with Hammy, completed Tangleroot, and ran a few epics.  I just wish I had put up the epic quests open to a pug group.  I’m still green when it comes to epics so I didn’t want to embarras myself but I think I just need to power through it :P. 

In any case, the weekend resulted in a new guildie which is always good.  I hope everybody else enjoyed their long weekend and I hope you all enjoy the Risia Ice Games.  Thanks for reading and now get back to questing!!


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