Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Jan 21 to Jan 24

This past week was a relatively light week for me and my questing in DDO.  It was also a short week because of the extended weekend due to the Martin Luther King Holiday.  So essentially this week really started on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday morning, prior to work, I took Kolll (Level 20 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) out into the King’s Forest to do some my typical slayer/explorer/rare encounter runs.  As I was running Kolll through the King’s Forest I was reminded how much I enjoy this landscape.  I haven’t done a lot of epic questing, in terms of quests or explorer areas, so I haven’t hit a large number of the newer explorer areas, so I can’t compare the King’s Forest to those areas, but in comparison to the other explorer areas that I know really well from my heroic levels, the King’s Forest has more of “forest or woods” feel to it.  The other explorer areas in Stormreach and through the heroic levels remind me more of a “jungle” as opposed to a forest.  The trees in the King’s Forest are large deciduous type trees with a high canopy.  In contrast, the explorer areas in Stormreach, such as Sorrowdusk Isle, the area is littered with creeping and intertwining vegetative growth like the lower areas of a jungle.   The King’s Forest just has a different feel that I have enjoyed so far.  While questing through the King’s Forest, I ran into two forest hags and had some fun dispatching them.

Koll firing away at a drow archeri in the King's Forest photo KolllfiringawayataDrowArcherintheKingsForest_zps2f157e16.jpg
Kolll having fun exploring the King’s Forest and dealing with the drow of the Forgotten Realms.

On Tuesday afternoon, after I got home from work, I took Erdrique through the quest, Missing on elite and started the Harbinger of Madness quest chain.  I only had a hireling cleric and my Owlbear with me and ran into some trouble when I ran into the named hell hound, Pale Fire.  I knew I was going to run into trouble with him, as he isn’t a typical hell hound, as he is actually more of “cold fire” hell hound as opposed to the typical “hot fire” hell hound that you typically run into.  I tried to range him at first and then decided to beat him down until he put his fire shield (cold version) up and ran up the buildings until his fire shield wore out.  I actually got killed here but was able to get raised from my hireling and my hireling died once here as well.  Eventually I was able to get past him and I didn’t run into any other real problems until I got to the last fight with the named chaos beholder, Z’miizith.  It didn’t take long for Z’miizith to focus on my cleric hireling and turn him into dust but once he killed him his focus was on me and my Owlbear.  I was able to get my cleric back up with my Greensteal Raise Dead clickie and promptly had no other issues taking him down and completing the quest.  I initially thought that the mindflayers that plague this quest would be an issue, but the use of Earsmash, Trip, and Stunning Blow worked out extremely well on them, so they weren’t much of a problem at all.

The gang fighting Zmiizith photo ThegangfightingZmiizith_zpsf54f5d12.jpg
Erdrique and his owlbear having fun with Z’miizith.

After I ran the quest Missing, I logged out to make dinner and to spend some time with my beautiful wife.  I logged back on with my level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel, Wapoyei later on Tuesday night.  I had originally planned to run The Tide Turns on Epic Normal but I couldn’t.  I guess because I had never completed the Sentinels Chain with Wapoyei prior to this, so I was being forced to run Storm the Beaches, which doesn’t have an epic difficulty setting.  I had already completed Bargain of Blood and The Black Loch so I went ahead and started the quest chain and picked up the quest Storm the Beaches.  I promptly ran through the quest on elite, without any difficulties.  My only issue was getting across the pyramid to knock out all of the ballista.  By the time I got done with the quest, I had to call it a night, however Wapoyei is now ready to take on the Tide Turns.  I really wish they made Storm the Beaches with an epic difficulty setting because I basically didn’t get anything out of that run besides some favor points.  Oh well, once it gets completed I won’t have to worry about it again in terms of forwarding the story arc.

Beautiful shot in Mistral Island photo BeautifulshotinMistralIsland_zps5e2bef29.jpg
Although Wapoyei had to run Storm the Beaches, he did get a nice view of the night over Mistral Island.

On Wednesday morning prior to work, I took a quick break from DDO and continued my run of the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights II.  I have a character in that game named Ragnar that is a Spirit Shaman.  I like to play Neverwinter Nights II because it is game based on the D&D mechanics but is very different from DDO in game play.  Neverwinter Nights II also has a larger variety of races and classes to play so I tend to roll up characters that are based on classes or races that we don’t have in DDO.  I have already beaten the campaign but wanted to start it over.  In any case, I took Ragnar and his party through some crypts as we were searching for the missing captain and hostages from Fort Locke.  I made it through a large portion of one of the crypts taking out skeletons and zombies along the way and getting diseased quite a bit.  I didn’t make it too far before I had to leave for work.

Neeshka exploring the crypts photo Neeshkaexploringthecrypts_zps7618a47f.jpg
Neeshka, an NPC in Ragnar’s party that I was controlling, looking for traps in the crypts close to Fort Locke in NWN II OC.

Later on, after work on Wednesday, I logged in Hamllin.  I took Hamllin through the Depths of Despair and Whiperdoom’s Spawn.  As I was running through the Depths of Despair I started to wonder about the enemies in this quest which I plan on writing up here shortly.  Two quick and relatively easy runs and then I called it a night and logged out to make dinner and for date night .

Take out the named trog in Depths of Despair photo TakeoutthenamedtroginDepthsofDespair_zpse1532a04.jpg
Hammy fighting Sslysk in Depths of Despair, who seems to be a leader of a variety of enemies.

Whisperdoom's Clutch photo Whisperdoomsclutch_zps406b0724.jpg
Hamllin getting poisoned and in the midst of Whisperdoom’s Clutch.

On Thursday morning, I logged in relatively later than normal because I took that day off from work.  I logged on with Kanndar and took him into Three Barrel Cove.  Kanndar only needs one more explorer point and a few more rare encounters before he maxes those areas out.  So, I took him to where the last explorer point, The Elusive Bounty, was located and started to swim down to that point and then I realized…he doesn’t have an Underwater Action item .  LOL, so I need to get him one or craft one for him this weekend.  The rest of the day I didn’t log in as my wife and I took off to go to a concert, which is why I took the day off from work.  However, on our way to the concert, we met up with a few other guildies that live in the area where the concert was at and went out to dinner.  So it was nice to see some of my guildies again and we all had a great time!!

Kanndar looking out over TBC photo KanndarlookingoutoverTBC_zpsbedee651.jpg
Kanndar looking out over Three Barrel Cove and wondering if Dulse is in his hiding spot…he wasn’t.

So the weeks runs were varied and interesting.  Thanks for reading all and happy hunting!!


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