Some Thoughts On the Recent Changes to Experience Needed to Heroic True Reincarnate

Over the past weekend, I hit level 20 with Erdrique.  I couldn’t help notice how the changes in the experience curve allowed Erdrique to reach that plateau more quickly than before.  When I typically run through a heroic true reincarnation, I tend to run all the quests on elite in chronological order.  Now this isn’t the fastest way to move through a heroic life but I don’t like to skip quests and I like to gain the favor as well as the extra Turbine Points from that earned favor.  When I had moved through Erdrique’s previous life as a cleric, I noticed that he had made it up to the Vale of Twilight and Reign of Madness quests before he hit the heroic level cap.  I also tend to complete the explorer areas as best as I can as well.  During my last life, I had a hard time staying on top of the explorer zones and only made it as far as the Red Fens (although I did earn a lot of experience in the other explorer zones, I just didn’t get them capped out).

During this life, with the changes to the slayer boosts, I was able to max out all the explorer areas from Korthos Island to the Ruins of Gianthold.  The only explorer zone I didn’t get to max out completely was the Restless Isles, I was missing one rare encounter in that zone.  With the help of maxing them all out and with the changes to experience needed to reach level 20 I noticed that I had completed all the quests up to Gianthold.  I didn’t complete Prison of the Planes or Madstone Crater and I had just started to on the Harbinger of Madness chain.  So I was able to reach level 20, without doing some of the quests that give the highest amount experience. 

Prepping for a Cabal for One photo PreppingforACabalforOne_zps64e68413.jpg
Erdrique and Khamel prepping to run A Cabal for One, the last quest Erdrique ran before hitting level 20.

During Erdrique’s cleric life I had run a number of quests on elite and then on hard before I was able to reach level 20.  The changes were quite evident and it does show how much experience is in the game.  In either case, I like this change as it gives us a lot of different options to reach the same goal, without having to run the same old quests. 

The other changes to quest experience, daily experience bonus, the daily dice rolls, and other changes were also evident.  All of which I think are good!!

Well, just figured I would write about my experience and wondered how others felt and saw.  Time to get Erd through his next life!!  Thanks for ready everybody and happy questing!!  


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