Anybody Ever Notice the Giants Statues in Gianthold?

The other day, I was leading a group through the Gianthold Slayer area during Erdrique’s barbarian life and somebody had mentioned something about the giants crystallized in the area.  All of the giants appear to be storm giants.  There aren’t any fire giants, ice giants, cloud giants, or hill giants represented in the area in terms of crystallized giants.

Notice the storm giants in GH photo NoticetheStormgiantshere_zps1a8cc52c.jpg Erdrique taking a look at the giants that are crystallized in Gianthold.

I found this interesting because the only storm giants we come across currently in DDO is the Stormreaver and Sor’jek.  So I was wondering where are the other giants?  I was always under the impression that giants fought the quori and the dragons as a mixed group, in other words hill giants, fire giants, storm giants, etc took on those forces together.  If that is so, where are the other races of giants?  Why is it only the storm giants frozen in time?  Now I admit, I haven’t done much of the epic versions of the Gianthold area, so some of this might be answered in those storylines, but I just found this a little interesting. 

I don’t really have any strong logic for why this would be.  Thanks for reading all and get back to exploring and questing in Gianthold!!  Happy hunting!!

2 thoughts on “Anybody Ever Notice the Giants Statues in Gianthold?

  1. The Cliff notes version: All the Giants you see today on Eberron are descended from a Storm Giant sized race. In the PnP version they were titan sized (60+ feet).
    First the Giants fought the Quori which in part the plane Dal Quor was knock out alignment in regards to Eberron. Unfortunately this was done via blood magic both acts which ticked off the Dragons of Argonessen bad enough to destroy the Giants civilization and over time the survivors “devolved” to the giant races we see today.


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