Tactical Fun

I tend to play a lot of melee oriented characters in DDO.  One of the more fun aspects of playing a melee character is using some of the “tactical” feats and abilities.  These include a variety of attacks that can be gained from feats and ehancements including such things as sunder, trip, stunning blow, stunning fist, ear smash, and many others.  By using these specialized feats, enhancements, and attacks it gives some “flavor” to melee characters and give us something else to do besides mashing down the attack button (or just setting your attack to auto-attack) and running to the next monster.  These attacks are also very effective if you use them correctly.

Hammy stunning a trog in Depths of Despair photo HammystunningatroginDepthsofDespair_zps8bbb61df.jpgHamllin hitting a troglodyte with stunning blow.   

The variety of the tactical attacks allow melee oriented characters to help with crowd control, make monsters more vulnerable to other melee attacks and spell attacks, and help to maintain aggro when necessary.  For most of my melee characters, I tend to spam across trip, sunder, and stunning blow as well as the various enhancements that I might have.  When Erdrique was running through his barbarian life, I took the majority of the Frenzied Beserker enhandements but also took a few of the Ravager and Occult slayer enhancements including cracking attack, exhausting blow, ear smash, and cruel cut.  These all deal damage as well as stat damage, lowering AC, or causing a small amount of crowd control.  These abilities were fun to play around with and augmented my use of stunning blow and trip quite well.

Stoorage trying to kill some spiders photo Stooragetryingtokillsomespiders_zpsddc590e4.jpg
Stoorage hitting a spider prince with improved sunder.

Perhaps the most important aspect of using the tactical feats and abilities is determining when to use them.  I typically tend to use the abilities that require a fortitude save (such as stunning blow) on the various casters in the game or the ranged type monsters, for the most part.  I also tend to try to use trip on casters and on the regular armored monsters we encounter.  Most of the time it tends to work as well, as I typically find casters stunned or sitting on their buts which allows me to take them out before they can get another spell off. 

Hamllin tripping a hobgoblin caster photo Hamllintrippingahobgoblincaster_zps28a51ce2.jpg
Hamllin knocking a hobgoblin caster on his rump.

In any case, if you are playing a melee character and have a high strength I would recommend to try these feats and abilities.  I find them fun to play around with and very effective.  Plus, I always like to taunt the monsters that I’m fighting as they are sitting on their backside and standing there staring at stars floating around their head.  Just makes it that much more fun .

Thanks for reading all.  Happy Hunting!!


2 thoughts on “Tactical Fun

  1. 😀 I love tripping large ogres. I’ve said it before “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. Stunning blow I haven’t had that much luck with, but I haven’t taken it on an all str melee (I have a thing for monk blends, which means I usually have to split my points in str, dex and wis as well). Or.. my pm monk, she if anyone is a tough mix to gear. She needs pretty much all the starts; str, dex and wisdom for her monkishness, int for sp and spells, cha for umd, and of course con. Everyone needs con. 🙂

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