Who Would Be On the FBI’s Most Wanted List?

The other day, I wrote up a blog asking what NPCs would you like to meet?  Well, now I’m wondering which of our notorious enemies would be on the FBI’s most wanted list?  Now I’m not considering the raid bosses or mini-bosses as they would obviously be on the most wanted list, but what other bosses do you think would wind up being put on the FBI’s most wanted list?

Here are some of my thoughts for the top five enemy bosses that I would think would be on that list:

1).  Yaulthoon

Yaulthoon photo 350px-Yaulthoon_zpsc5701cf8.jpg

This powerful mindflayer would definitely be on the FBI’s most wanted list.  He is responsible for gruesome and grievous crimes ranging from kidnapping, murder, and necromancy (or whatever you would call it to form the Taken).  He is ruthless and powerful and has considerable resources at his expense and is obviously the leader of a number of dangerous villains including Pykyzl, Morley Blode, Mahlurat, and Z’miizith.

2).  Sora Katra

Sora Katra photo 350px-Sora_Katra_zpsd0ebea4e.jpg

The green hag, Sora Katra, and her two other sisters, known as the Daughters of Sora Kell, would also be on the FBI’s most wanted list.  Sora Katra would be wanted for espionage, murder, terrorism, and countless other crimes.  Sora Katra and her sisters are powerful beings who are currently control the monster kingdom of Droaam and their recent attempts at taking over Stormreach and invading Xen’drick would put them high on the FBI’s most wanted list.

3).  Gnomen

Gnomon photo 350px-Gnomon_zps94fd09ae.jpg

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the treachorous Gnomen in this list.  He would be on this list for his espionage, murder, terrorism, and just down right meanness.  Gnomen was always known to have evil intentions from the time he asks us to clear out the Hidden Chappel of the Emerald Claw worshippers.  He true intentions come out while we move through the Lords of Dust and he moves to eliminate us.  Not sure of anybody could be more “dark” than Gnomen.

4).  Captain Tew

Captain Michael Tew photo Captain_Michael_Tew_zps49ec393c.jpg

I can’t forget the pirates that are known to cause problems in Stormreach and perhaps the most notorious of these would be Captain Tew.  He would be wanted for slavery, murder, kidnapping, terrorism, and many other crimes.  Captain Tew is ruthless and cunning with the ability and the resources to even attack the House Deneith Ward of Stormreach with his the airship, the Crimson Moon.

5).  Hazadill and Talon Darsin

Talon Darsin photo 350px-Talon_Darsin_zpscb8d77a6.jpg

I couldn’t decide on the last of the top five so I’m putting Hazadill and Talon Darsin as number five on the FBI’s most wanted list.  These two underworld crime bosses are known for their involvement in organized crime and work on smuggling, bribery, corruption, murder, and other crimes to further their agendas.  Although not as “powerful” as the other members on the list, these two are still a considerable force to deal with who most likely have ties to the other bosses in one way or another.

All of the pictures I posted here were from the DDOWiki, currently one isn’t available for Hazadill.  There are a number of other potential enemies that could be put on this list but who would you think would make the top 5 for the FBI’s most wanted?

Thanks for reading everybody!!  Not get back to defending Stormreach and take these bosses out and happy questing!!


8 thoughts on “Who Would Be On the FBI’s Most Wanted List?

  1. You, sir, have committed the cardinal sin of hot-linking the pictures on DDO Wiki. I, too, have been a past violator.Just copy the pictures into your library and then post them from there to fix.


  2. Let me think. What bad guys have I met in game, that aren’t red or orange named bosses, hmm… Well, there are many beholders, like Z’miizith (a.k.a. Mr Smythe) and Cholthulzz I’d like to see behind bars. And of course, the black Abbot, but again he’s a boss.


    • Oh they can be red and orange named bosses, I just meant that they couldn’t be the raid bosses because I would assume they always be on the “Most Wanted List”. LOL, I didn’t really think about Cholthulzz…he would be a good one.


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