Wolves vs. Worgs in Splinterskull

I currently have a number of characters who are advancing through the Assault on Splinterskull Quest Chain in Tangleroot Gorge.  One of the things I never really paid attention to was to the other enemies found within the fortress, I mean besides all of the hobgoblins and Whisperdoom, what else is there to really worry about?  Ok, ok, there is Blood-drinker, Whisperdoom’s daughters, the various ogres, etc but I was more referring to the wolves and worges. 

When you first start harassing Yarkuch and his clan in Splinterskull, the hobgoblins are frequently followed by your typical grey wolf.  However, as you progress further into the chain, and the quests rise in level, these wolves seem to transition to worgs.  Now there is a caveat here, if you decide to proceed deeper into the fortress during the early quests of the chain you will encounter worgs eventually.  However, the worgs eventually replace the wolves as you move deeper into the quest chain or as you move deeper into Splinterskull itself.

It makes me wonder why there aren’t more of a mix of wolves and worgs throughout the quest chain.  I don’t know much about worgs but I’m assuming they are just typically more powerful than your common wolf.  I wonder if Zulkash is somehow using his twisted magic to turn the wolves of Tangleroot Gorge into the worgs of Splinterskull to serve the hobgoblins and their ruthless leader. 

Stoorage exploring the halls of Splinterskull photo StoorageexploringthehallsofSplinterskull_zpsed55799d.jpg
Stoorage fighting some hobgoblins and worgs in Splinterskull.

In any case, it was just something I was noticing the other day and was trying to figure out a way logistical way from the transition of wolves to worgs.  Thanks for reading everybody, now get into Tangleroot and slay you some hobgoblins!!  Happy Hunting!!


6 thoughts on “Wolves vs. Worgs in Splinterskull

  1. I really enjoy reading all these theories. Always makes you think if the Devs thought this much into it while creating some of these places. They may have a logical explination but from my PnP D&D prespective it’s even more odd that its the hobgolins that have so many worgs. I typically see more Orcs with the Worgs. Thank you for the read.


  2. https://www.ddo.com/en/game/monsters/worg

    Check this.

    Worgs hacve a superrior inteligence and cunning, they are demon-like creatures those are evil to the bone. i supose that wolfs are easier to handle and thats why the lesser trops have them, but once you advance you will se more powerfull hobgoblins who are cappable of handle such dangerous creatures as the worgs are.


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