Wondering about the mephits in Co6

Earlier this week, another guildie (Lilbitblue) and I took on the terrors of Sorrowdusk Isle and the Cult of the Six.   I brought on Charlock, a dual wielding bastard sword fighter to help Lilbitblue.  One of things that kind of occurred to me when we were fighting our way through the Temple of the Six concerned the mephits, particularly those in the quest Quench the Flames.  The primary objective of Quench the Flames in the Cult of Six story arc is to destroy the summoning fires.

Mephits and more mephits photo Mephitsandmoremephits_zps9ec28603.jpg
Charlock and Lilbitblue taking on the fire mephits from Fernia and the air mephits from…Lamannia?

When we enter this portion of the story arc, we are told that he need to destroy the summoning circles that are being used to bring fire mephits from Fernia to Sorrowdusk Isle.  If we don’t hurry, the island will be overrun with these fiery beasts.  However, nothing is ever mentioned about the air mephits, which seem to be just as numerous, and in many ways more dangerous thanks to their lightning attacks, are coming from.  It appears that these mephits are also being spawned from the summoning circles but these circles are supposed to be a link to Fernia only, how then are the air mephits involved?  Is it possible that the summoning circles are more powerful than previously intended and are also allowing mephits from Lamannia to invade Sorrowdusk as well? 

My thinking is just that.  The summoning circles themselves do look like they are fire pits, but what does it take to feed the flames…air.  There most likely is a link between the power of these circles and these two different species of outsiders.  Its a good thing we are sent in to deal with them…whether fire or air, Sorrowdusk already has enough issues besides being overrun with mephits .

Thanks for reading everybody and get back to clearing out Sorrowdusk and protecting Stormreach!!  Happy Hunting!!


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