Kolll Had a Fun Time in The Last Stand on Epic Normal

Not too long ago, I raised Kolll up to level 20.  Kolll is a Arcane Archer who is now following the Shiradi epic destiny.  He is always a fun character to play.  I had recently completed the House Pharlain Carnival Series on epic normal and decided to take on the Red Fens

Kolll hadn’t even stepped out into that explorer zone until last night.  I picked up the three quests that I could and started to make my way to The Last Stand.  As I was traveling over the bogs to quests, I noticed that I was paralyzing the drowned zombies, which I thought was interesting.  I was using a wounding frost composite longbow of pure good with Paralyzing Arrows toggled along with the toggle for Morphic arrows.  I always had Stay Frosty going.  I was surprised to see the zombies paralyzed and then remembered that this also occurred with the “magician assistants” in Under the Big Top.  I guess the Paralyzing Arrows will stop undead as well as the living, that was a nice surprise.

Kolll paralyzing a drowned in the Red Fens with paralyzing shot photo KolllparalyzingadrownedintheRedFenswithparalyzingshot_zps72a1dafe.jpg
Kolll having fun paralyzing zombines in the Fens.

I made my way to the quest and entered on epic normal.  I was by myself so I summoned my onyx panther, my level 17 owl bear, and a cleric hireling.  I was expecting on having a difficult time in protecting Viercha Ettervs but the opposite was true.  I breezed through the quest quite easily.  I had set my onyx panther, owlbear, and cleric hireling to protect Viercha and I buffed him up with what I had and stayed back and fired away.  With the use of Improved Precise Shot, I was paralyzing the vast majority of the sahaugin invaders.  I would then cycle through Arrow of Slaying, Inferno Shot, Shattermantle Shot, and Dispelling shot as well as using Many Shot to take the invaders down.  The effects of Moonbow and Soul Magic get my mana high enough to cycle through all of those attacks.  Needless to say, I was quite surprised!!

Kolll enjoying the Last Stand photo KolllenjoyingtheLastStand_zps75ae2287.jpg
Kolll having a good ol’ time in The Last Stand.

So now I need to take Kolll over to the Ziggurat and do some swimming .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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