A Question about Thual Masmataz

During my early afternoon questing yesterday, I took Hamllin back into the dreaded quest: Proof is in the Poison.  Hamllin is currently level 6 and I wanted to keep his elite bravery bonus streak going so I entered the quest on elite.  Now I had attempted to complete Proof is in the Poison last Friday afternoon but I had some problems with my hireling cleric.  So this time I bought a rogue hireling and a cleric hireling and put the quest up in the LFM panel and started on my way.

Hamllin fighting the quickfoot in Proof is in the Poison photo HamllinfightingthequickfootinProofisinthePoison_zpsc2346f82.jpg
Hamllin taking on the Quickfoot in Proof is in the Poison with help from his hirelings.

Needless to say the quest went much more smoothly.  I had one other player join me, a monk, and we breezed through the quest.  We immediately took out all of the Quickoot casters as soon as we spotted them.  Stunning blow and stunning fist were being handed down left and right as well as trips.  Oh course I suffered a few of my own trips as well .

Have to love trip photo Havetolovetrip_zpsc0cc24cf.jpg
Hamllin tripping a Quickfoot caster and then getting tripped by an iron defender.

Now, as you venture through the Vile Apothecary, you do run into the a batch of black widow spiders.  Sometimes a named black widow named Woathe may appear (just didn’t appear during this particular run).  As you approach Woathe, you learn that Thual Masmataz is using the venom from this powerful spider to poison the drinking water of Stormreach, or that is at least his plan.  Now, if you have never run the quest before you think anything else of this, at least I didn’t until I got to the end of the quest.

When you get to the end of the quest you get to encounter Thual Masmataz.  The first thing you notice about Thual Masmataz is that he is a scorrow, a drow scorpion. 

Time to fight Thual Masmataz photo TimetofightThualMasmataz_zps6d459f78.jpg
Hamllin running to engage with Thual Masmataz.

So two questions come to mind on this scenario:
1).  Why doesn’t Thual Masmataz use his own venom to poison with the Stormreach water supply?
2).  Why is he using spiders to assist in this endeavor as opposed to scorpions?

Now I don’t really know the answer to these questions but I like to conjecture and think of possibilities .  Perhaps Thual Masmataz doesn’t think he can create enough of his own venom to poison the entire Stormreach water supply.  However, I doubt that is really the case.  I’m just thinking the feels that his own venom is just too good to be wasted on such pitiless creatures like those that live in Stormreach.  Scorrow are quite proudful afterall.

But why use a batch of spiders to be your source of venom?  Now if this quest had come out after the Web of Chaos chain, I would have suggested that maybe Thual was trying to win some favor with the Spinner of Shadows in hopes of being converted over from a drow scorpion to a drider and that he was doing this because he lost some sort of faith in Vulkoor.  However, this seems unlikely, especially since this quest was present well before the Web of Chaos chain. 

I’m thinking that the reason Thual used the spiders was a much simpler one: they are more plentiful.  In the vast majority of the sewers in Stormreach, while scorpions are not uncommon, spiders are just commonplace.  Let’s also not forget about another very powerful spider (a black widow as well) that was unleashed in the Marketplace, Red Fang.  Perhaps Thual’s assistant somehow got a hold of Basil Tarborrow’s notes and Thual used them to Woathe.  That seems more likely to me. 

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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