Those rare loot gems :)

One of the primary goals and excitement for any adventurer is finding and obtaining loot!!  Loot has been a very hot topic recently on the DDO forums with many players being disappointed with the current loot tables and enhancements.  The recent loot pass has helped with some of these issues and players are hoping for more changes in updates to come. 

With all of this talk about loot, I couldn’t help but look back and think about some of my more memorable loot pulls.  I remember when one of the most desired weapons was the Sun Blade.  I took Hamllin into Sorrowdusk Ilse and was making my way to the Cult of the Six.  I went ahead to peak in to see if the named troll was present in the cave on the way to the upper portion of the Isle and he was.  When I looted his chest, I was quite surprised to find a Sun Blade.  I haven’t seen one since.

For a long time, the +5 Mithral Full Plate was one of the best armor types to find.  When Gianthold was first released, I took my cleric, Wapoyei, out to the explorer area and took on the commonly encountered hill giant, Clan Chief Ogh.  I was quite surprised when I looted his chest and saw the ever sought after +5 Mithral Fullpate.

I remember running Xorian Cipher a number of times in hopes of finding the Chaosgarde Bracers for Erdrique during his first life as a paladin.  I never did find it on my own, however I did loot a Planar Gird while a party member of my looted the bracers so we swapped the items.  I still haven’t found the Chaosgarde Bracers.

However, one thing I have found, a few times, was the ever elusive Blood stone.  I have actually looted four Blood Stones, and actually passed two of them to other players.  I was also able to loot two Rings of Spell Storing as well.  Lets just say I spent a lot of the time in the desert

In any case those are probably my more memorable loot pulls.  I have pulled some tomes (+1 and +2) and some raid loot as well but my memorable items were those I wasn’t expecting to see. 

I haven’t really had any more “memorable” loot runs in recent times.  While I have pulled a lot of named loot from various packs and levels, I haven’t really pulled anything I would call memorable, something that was quite unexpected.  I’m hoping this will change with the future loot changes.

Running to the chest photo Runningtothechest_zpsd045a14e.jpg
Kanndar running to a chest in hopes of a memorable loot pull.

What are some of your more memorable loot pulls?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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