Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 3 to Feb 6

My quest runs last week centered around characters from levels 4 to 10, two characters at level 20, and some runs with Erdrique who hit level 3.  Early on Monday, prior to heading to work, I logged on a character from my free account, Crawlller (Level 4 Ranger/Deepwood Sniper) and took him into the Waterworks Slayer Area for my morning slayer runs.  As I quite happy with his results, as he gathered almost all of the rare encounters in one pass, only missing the named rust monster, Crumble.  After work, I logged on Erdrique and took on Stealthy Repossession.  I have to admit, that I wasn’t quite stealthy while plowing through the kobolds to get to their fake jewel.  As I forced my way through the quest, I stopped every once in a while to take out a few kobolds to avoid orange and red dungeon alerts and overall I had little problems with the quest.  After Stealthy Repossession I logged out to make dinner.  Later on, I logged back in with Kolll (Level 20 Ranger/Arcane archer/Shiradi Champion) and took him into the Red Fens for the first time and started that chain, heading into The Last Stand.  I went in on Epic Normal and had a surprisingly easy time in their.  In the past, I have had some troubles in The Last Stand but with the Kolll’s enhancements and paralyzing shot in went really smoothly.  I wrote more about this particular run early in the week here.
After that run, I called it a night.

Crawlller taking on the Kobolds of Waterworks photo CrawlllertakingonthekoboldsinWaterworks_zpsaa42a210.jpg
Crawlller exploring the tunnels of the Waterworks.

Erd fighting the kobolds in Stealthy Repossession photo ErdfightingkoboldsinStealthyRepossession_zps35b9a2f1.jpg
Erdrique being anything but stealthy in Stealthy Repossession.

Kolll enjoying the Last Stand photo KolllenjoyingtheLastStand_zps75ae2287.jpg
Kolll having fun in The Last Stand.

On Tuesday morning, I logged on with Garrrin (Level 20 Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker/Fury of the Wild) and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold Heroic Slayer area.  Yeah, I know, I went in on Heroic, I just have this tendency to complete all the adventure areas, and I’m stuck on this thought on my head.  In any case, I took him into the Gianthold Ruins first thing in the morning to take on some giants and ogres.  I then logged out to head out to work.  After work, I logged back on with Hamllin.  On Friday, the week prior, I had attempted to take on Proof is in the Poison on elite but had some problems with my hirelings and their AI so I gave it another go Tuesday.  This time I summoned up a rogue hireling and a cleric hireling (I only had a cleric hireling last time) and I put the quest up in the LFM panel.  This time the run went much better and I was joined by one other pug.  We breezed through the quest and I wrote up another article wondering about Thual Masmatazz earlier in the week.  It was time for dinner once again , so I logged out to take care of that and to spend some time with my beautiful wife.  I then logged back on at around 10 pm EST or so with Kanndar (Level 10 Paladin/Knight of the Chalice).  Kanndar needed to finish up Grey Moon so that he could to move to the Cult of the Six quest chain so I took him out into Sorrowdusk Isle and completed the Grey Moon’s Den: The Trollish Scourge and Grey Moon’s Den: Extermination on elite.  I had no problems with either of those quests and was fortunate in that I got the rare troll encounter (Shaman Yarsnak) and scorpion rare encounter (Darksting) in Extermination.  After I forwarded the story arc, I called it a night.

Taking out the Caster photo Takingoutthecaster_zpse00b6acc.jpg
Hamllin ranging a quickfoot caster in Proof is in the Poison.

Garrrin fighting in the Gianthold photo GarrrinfightingintheGianthold_zps6a6766c0.jpg
Garrrin enjoying being a dwarf and taking on the giants of Gianthold.

Kanndar fighting the black sun ogres photo Kanndarfightingtheblacksunogres_zps1de68e83.jpg
Kanndar taking on the Black Sun Ogres in Grey Moon’s Den: The Trollish Scourge.

Shaman Yarsnak fighting Kanndar photo ShamanYarsnakfightingKanndar_zpsc8387b90.jpg
Kanndar taking on Shaman Yarsnak in the Grey Moon’s Den.

Wednesday morning, I logged on a character from my free account, Stoorage (Level 9 Fighter/Kensai) and brought him into Three Barrel Cove.  I took him around that beautiful explorer area and worked on his slayer count in there prior to heading out to work.  After work, I logged on Erdrique and took him into the Smuggler’s Warehouse.  Erdrique had no problem taking on the kobolds and vermin within the warehouse and wondered about the gems.  After I knocked out the Smuggler’s Warehouse, I logged out and made dinner and for date night .

Beautiful moon shot in TBC photo BeautifulMoonshotinTBC_zps1ca1e7f6.jpg
Beautiful moon in Three Barrel Cove.

Erd looking over the Smuggler's Warehouse photo ErdsurveyingthehallsoftheSmugglersWarehouse_zpse97733fe.jpg
Erdrique surveying the grounds in the warehouse.

Thursday was a unique day, as all of the runs I completed were with Hamllin.  Thursday morning, I brought Hamllin on took him into the Cerulean Hills and completed that slayer area.  I then called it for the morning to head out to work.  When I got from work, I logged Hamllin back in and took him out to Three Barrel Cove and tackled the quest Guard Duty on elite.  While working through the quest Guard Duty, I noticed a number of things which I will write up on later today.  After completing Guard Duty, I logged out to make dinner.  I then logged Hamllin back in Thursday night and started to tackle the Necro I Chain (The “Heart” Quests).  I started with Tomb of the Sanguaine Heart and put the series up within the LFM group panel.  I had one other player join me for the first three quests and then a second player to join us for the last quest.  Hamllin was able to knock out Tomb of the Crimson Heart, Tomb of the Immortal Heart, and Tomb of the Burning Heart as well and is now ready to take on the Bloody Crypt.  I also was able to recruit a new guildie into the Crypt Crawlers, Pilkington.  So it was a good night overall for sure!! However, it is evident that Hamllin’s will save are something that needs to be worked on.

Hamllin looking forward to killing some orcs photo Hamllinlookingforwardtokillingsomeorcs_zps106e541e.jpg
Hamllin finishing up his ‘tour’ of the Cerulean Hills.
The second mates gets blown up photo Thesecondmategotblowup_zpseb229886.jpg
Hamllin is glad he isn’t the second mate in Guard Duty.

Hamllin fighting his way in Tomb of the Sanguine Heart photo HamllinfightinghiswayinTomboftheSanguineHeart_zps006f6af2.jpg
Hamllin fighting his way through the Tomb of the Sanguine Heart.

Hamllin getting knocked around by a fireball photo Hamllingettingknockedaroundbyafireball_zpsf56231ab.jpg
Hamllin being knocked back by a fireball in Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

Eerie flames in Tomb of the Burning Heart photo EerieflamesinTomboftheBurningHeart_zpse1fc1c4d.jpg
Eerie fire in Tomb of the Burning Heart.

Being held is no fun photo Beingheldisnofun_zps96e2e4e1.jpg
Hamllin showing off his awesome will saves…not…in the Tomb of the Crimson Heart.

So the week was a nice one.  My character schedule was pretty unique this week, in which all of my runs on Thursday were for one single character, which doesn’t happen quite a bit.  We’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes .  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Happy Hunting!!


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