Changes to the Quest Guard Duty

Earlier last week, I took Hamllin into the quest Guard Duty, which is found in Three Barrel Cove.  Although Three Barrel Cove isn’t run quite often, I typically always take my characters through the quests out there because I really enjoy that area.  Of course with Three Barrel Cove expected to get an “epic” pass it may see some more activity later this year. The quest Guard Duty is handed out by Lars Riflee, the Captain of Sea Witch.  He asks your help in protecting his boat and crew from the notorious pirate Ruug.  The quest essentially takes place about the Sea Witch and Ruug’s own vessel, which interestingly enough I’m not entirely sure of the name.  I wonder what is the name of his boat..

Anyway, back on topic, while I was running around the boats I noticed a few things that I didn’t notice before.  First, when actually did the boarding party of Ruug’s rogues start using board bridges?  In the past, the bridges between the two vessels was from a single small suspension bridge.  Now, the a straight line board bridge connects the two vessels.  Oh, and now there are two bridges that connect these vessels, one at the mid section of the vessels and one at the bow.  When did that second bridge get there? 

Second bridge in guard duty photo SecondbridgeinGuardDuty_zps38020fba.jpg
Hamllin noticing that the bridge between these two vessels is no longer a suspension bridge and there is now there is a second bridge on the bow.

Now, I know that this bridge wasn’t there prior to Menace of the Underdark, but it is possible it was put in afterwards.  The second thing I noticed, was that some of the monsters in the quest have changed.  The quest Guard Duty has been around since the game was first released and at that time we didn’t have the hobgoblin boatswain monsters, we only the hobgoblin archers, slayers,and infiltrators.  We also didn’t have the kobold helmsman.  However, we do now and they have been incorporated into the quest Guard Duty.

Hobgoblin boatswain in Guard Duty photo HobgoblinBoatswaininGuardDuty_zps84de4469.jpg
Hamllin taking on hobgoblin boatswain.

Kobold Helsman in Guard Duty photo KoboldHelmsmaninGuardDuty_zpsd61598d9.jpg
Hamllin fighting a kobold helmsman.

I like the changes to the monsters in the quest but not sure on the bridges.  I think the suspension bridge was more likely to occur, I just don’t see the crew of the Seawitch allowing these more sturdy bridges to be positioned on their boat.  They would have caused the marauding pirates from Ruug’s ship all kinds of problem as the marauders tried to get these anchored and stabilized, at least in my thoughts.

In any case, I just noticed these and figured I would pass them on.  Thanks for reading and take your adventures to Three Barrel Cove and fight those pirates!!  Happy Hunting!!

PS-I just took a look at Spyderwolf’s YouTube video and that posted in August 2009 which had these changes present.  I guess it just took me a while to recognize these changes.


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