Recap of the Runs Made During the Weekend Feb 7 to Feb 9

My weekend runs typically see me focusing on my main character, Erdrique.  This past weekend was no exception.  However, the weekend started out with me logging in Suppply early Friday morning for my regular slayer runs prior to work.  I took Suppply into the wilds of Tangleroot Gorge.  Suppply is almost done maxing this area out and soon he will be tackling the pirates of Three Barrel Cove.  I ran around Tangleroot for about 20 minutes or so and then logged to head to work.  I didn’t get a chance to log in for my “mid-day” run, which is typically from 5:30 to 6:30 pm EST because I had a late workout.  So I didn’t log back into until around 11 pm EST or so with Erdrique and he continued to work his way through the Harbor and Market.  I took Erdrique through Recover the Missing Tome, The Miller’s Debt, Arachnophobia, Missing in Action, and The Kobobld’s New Ringleader.  I was basically just making my way up the line in my Adventure Compedium.  After completing The Kobold’s New Ringleader I called it a night.

Up close and personal with skeleton skirmisher photo UpCloseandPersonalwithaskellieskirmisher_zps205773e5.jpg
Getting up close and personal with a skeleton skirmisher in Recovering the Lost Tome.

Erd looking for the Miller photo ErdlookingfortheMiller_zps739a239e.jpg
Looking for the Miller.

Erd cleansing the crypt of spiders photo Erdcleansingthecryptofspiders_zpsd5bccdef.jpg
Cleaning the Jorn Family Crypt of spiders.

Whats behind the gate photo Whatisbehindthegate_zps6ee90544.jpg
Erdrique wondering what is behind the gate in Missing in Action.

Who is the new ringleader photo Whoisthenewringleader_zpsbbb1c0ad.jpg
Erdrique looking for the new ringleader.

I logged back on late Saturday night.  I brought Erdrique on and continued working on the Harbor quests, knocking out Information is Key, Haverdasher, Garrison’s Missing Pack, Durk’s Got a Secret, Bringing the Light, and started my exploration in the Cerulean Hills.  After running around the Cerulean Hills and finding all of the explorer points I decided it was time to start collecting some Risia Ice Game coins.  So I logged Erdrique and logged back on with Kolll, who I typically use to do the ice jumping.  I spent some time getting refamiliarized with the jumping and soon started collecting white, blue, and purple coins.  After I collected about 10 purple coins I decided to call it a night and logged out for bed.

Erd looking for the artifact photo Erdlookingfortheartifact_zps2d5ddce5.jpg
Erdrique looking for the artifact in Information is Key.

Helping Haverdasher photo HelpingHaverdasher_zpsfdcdbb47.jpg
Erdrique tripping a scorpion while helping Haverdasher.

Erd taking on Miasma photo ErdtakingonMiasma_zpseff87f85.jpg
Erdrique taking on Miasma while looking for Garrison’s pack.

Erd looking for Durk's secret photo ErdlookingforDurkssecret_zps8d47bd42.jpg
Edrique looking for Durk’s secret.

Taking care of the gamblers photo Takingcareofthegamblers_zpsdfe6c21e.jpg
Erdrique taking care of the gamblers in Bringing the Light.

Exploring the hills photo Exploringthehills_zpsabbdde1f.jpg
Exploring the Cerulean Hills.

On Sunday, my focus changed from Erdrique to Charlock (Level 13 Fighter/Kensai).  I was scheduled to log Charlock and take on the Bloodtide Pirates in the Sentinels of Stormreach Chain.  I brought Charlock on and took on the Black Loch and Storm the Beaches on elite.  He moved through these quest with relative ease using his Charoush’s Inferno Bastard Sword and an Acid Bastard of Absolute Law.  He also used Stunning Blow, Shattering Stike, A Good Death, Deadly Strike, and Trip quite liberally .  After he completed the Black Loch he hit level 13.  I also continued to collect coins with Kolll, which I will probably due throughout the week.

Charlock fighting in the Black Loch photo CharlocfightingintheBlackLoch_zps6ed9ed2b.jpg
Charlock fighting in the Black Loch.

Beautiful moon in Mistral Island photo NiceshotofthenightinMistralIsland_zpsd360a659.jpg
Charlock enjoying the moon set in Mistral Island.

Kolll soaring for some coins photo Kolllsoaringforsomecoins_zps289e2c53.jpg
Kolll soaring for some coins.

So it was a weekend filled primarily with low level runs and True Reincarnation grinding.  But it was still a fun weekend !!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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