Did You Ever Wonder How Those Skeletons Got Up There?

Erdrique is steadily working his way through his druid life (and is really enjoying it by the way ) and is currently working through the myriad of low level quests in the Harbor.  One of these quests includes Durk’s Got a Secret, better known as The Den of the Kobold Brothers.  Durk’s Got a Secret is mostly known for the chance of obtaining the club known as Muckbane which is the perfect weapon to use against slimes, jellies, and oozes.  The quest is bestowed by Durk the Deranged who is standing close to a sewer entrance in the Harbor ranting that he knows “a secret.”

The quest is typical to the others found in the Harbor sewers with the sewer littered with filth, crawling with kobolds, human skeletons and remains laying all over the place, and maintaining that gloomy atmosphere.  One thing I did notice was that there is a skeleton hanging from the ceiling part way through the sewer.

How did that skeleton get up there? photo Howdidthatskeletongetupthere_zps5e7b0c7e.jpg
Erdrique wondering how that skeleton got there.

Now as a veteran of Stormreach, I know that the great city was originally built by the giants which also means that the sewer system was designed by the giants.  This is why the sewers all throughout Stormreach have very high ceilings and wide tunnels and passageways.  During the current status of Stormreach, the city is now dominated by smaller races and the sewers in the Harbor are primarily dominated by kobolds.  These things ran through my mind when I looked up to the ceiling and saw a random skeleton hanging from it.  That and the fact that a dungeon master note indicates that some of the bones in the sewer appear to still have rotten flesh on them when you enter the Den of the Kobold Brothers, which suggests that some of these skeletons were from recent adventurers. 

So, if the sewers are dominated by kobolds and the skeleton hanging from the ceiling is from a “recent” adventurer, then how did it get up there?  Who had the ability to hang an adventurer from the ceiling in this sewer?  I know that there are some troglodyte henchman in this particular sewer but they aren’t big enough to accomplish such a feat.  LOL, perhaps the two kobold chieftains in the sewer made their kobolds form a “kobold pyramid” so that they could hang these would be adventurer.  Or perhaps this one particular skeleton has been here a really long, long, long time….

Just some thoughts.  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Time to get back to the leveling and explorations of the Stormreach sewers!!  Happy Hunting all!! 


5 thoughts on “Did You Ever Wonder How Those Skeletons Got Up There?

  1. I like your line of thought. I am sticking with the theory that they’re a sort of Trophy-on-Display. Territory wars with Bloodknuckles establishing his claim. “Join me and you can share one of these before I strip them clean.” Then almost as an after-thought, as he turns away; “we got team loin-cloths too…..”


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