Some Hirelings and Quests Just Don’t Mix

I always laugh to myself when I summon a hireling and he boasts that “We will conquer this dungeon” or “Don’t worry I won’t let you die” or something to that effect, especially when I enter quests such as Proof is in the Poison.  When you enter a quest such as that, at level, on elite, you realize how quickly some hirelings just don’t mix well with particular quests/dungeons.  Proof is in the Poison is a perfect example of this.

Hamllin taking on the Quickfoot gange photo HamllintakingontheQuickfootinProofisinthePoison_zpsb28e4ef5.jpg
Hamllin taking on the Quickfoot gang.

Awhile back I took Hamllin down to the Vile Apothecary to take on Thual Masmataz.  Shortly after I entered the quest, I summoned a cleric hireling and started to make my way through the quest, dispatching of some iron defenders and Quickfoot gang members with relatively ease.  That wasn’t going to be the tricky part of this quest however.  Shortly after you dispatch with the first fight, you have to cross a bridge that is guarded with some ferocious fire traps.  Most players can easily hop around those traps if you don’t have a rogue or artificer in the group to disable them.  However, hirelings on the other hand….well they just don’t seem to grasp this concept.

I knew this was going to be a problem straight from the start.  I had decided that what I would do would be to camp my hireling back at the beginning of the quest and then I would venture as far as I could into the quest and then summon him to me.  Hoping that he would port to me.  So I continued on past many more would be Quickfoot members and past the spider tunnels and further into the quest.  When I got to the first locked door I tried to summon the hireling…sure enough he didn’t port back to me but instead took a stroll across the bridge with the fire traps and became a soul stone.  I released him and went back to the beginning to wait my five minutes to summon him back.  So far he hadn’t made it very far on his promise..

I summoned him back and decided to try something else.  This time I hopped along the edges of the wall that were detached from the bridge knowing that the hireling would port to me there because there wasn’t any regular walking path to me.  I then hopped over to the door bypassing the fire traps on the bridge and called my hireling to me and just shook my head as my hireling ported back to the bridge and then tried to run across it only to die at my feet.

Oh well, better luck next time.  I recalled from the quest and decided to hit up next time, which I did quite successfully and which prompted me to generate a different article where I wondered about the Thual Masmataz

Good ol’ hirelings.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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