Recap of the Runs Made During the Week Feb 10 to Feb 13

Well, I completely forgot to sum up my runs from the previous week that covered February 10 to February 13th.  So to catch up on that aspect, I’m going to go ahead and post about those today and my weekend runs tomorrow.  Last week was a difficult week because I ran into connectivity issues on Monday and Tuesday which obviously disrupted my playtime .  Needless to say, my Monday morning started out well.  I brought on Wapoyei and took him into the High Road explorer area.  On Monday afternoon, I logged on with Hamllin who is currently working on his level 5 Three Barrel Cove quests.  So I took him into Prove Your Worth and braved the many challenges a pirate must go through .  While plowing through Prove Your Worth he had a nice little drop from a crate, a +2 Frost Khopesh and prior to entering the quest he had an encounter with Scortchtusk and pulled a +1 Con Tome for his troubles.  Not bad at all for an area that is believed to give some rather poor loot.  After Hamllin completed Prove Your Worth I logged out to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife before my weekly Monday night digital tabletop D&D PnP session via Skype and Maptool.  Typically on Monday nights I multitask between the PnP digital tabletop game and between DDO but my connection issues didn’t allow me to log into DDO.

Wapoyei and Companions in the High Road photo WapoyeiandcompanyintheHighRoad_zpse83ad187.jpg
Wapoyei exploring the High Road with his crew.

Hammy spying Scortchtusk photo HammyspyingScortchtusk_zpsd857e908.jpg
Hamllin spying Scortchtusk from afar.

Nice reward from an explorer chest photo Nicerewardfromanexplorerchest_zps1ac9371a.jpg
After defeating Scortchtusk, Hamllin as awarded this +1 Con Tome
Hammy dreading the climb photo Hammydreadingtheclimb_zpse4a5f16d.jpg
Hamllin continued on to the quest Prove Your Worth where he dealt with the ladder challenge and many others.

Nice drop from a crate photo Nicedropfromacrate_zpse1d93ab8.jpg
Hamllin then found this nice low level khopesh being stashed in a crate.

On Tuesday morning, my connectivity issues still remained so I couldn’t log in.  Later that afternoon, when I was still having connectivity issues and when I knew the game worlds were perfectly fine, I called my internet service provider, Centurylink.  The operator had me conduct a few tests to find out that I wasn’t even getting half the mount of speed through my line that I should have been getting.  I have a 4 meg line and wasn’t even getting 1.5 megs out of it.  Eventually we got it up to 2 megs, which was enough to get me logged into Thelanis on Tuesday night.  A CenturyLink technician was then scheduled to come out and look at my line but because of the weather issues, he didn’t get out to the house until Thursday.  Turns out that the line was cut somehow and he fixed, now my speed and connectivity seem to be fine .  In any case, I was able to log Lorrikk in on Tuesday night and get some questing done.  I saw that another guildie was on, Tragicc, and I knew he needed help with Gladewatch Outpost.  Before we tackled Gladewatch, we hit up the Emerald Claw in Caged Trolls.  I had entered the quest before Tragicc and made my way to free the second troll when Tragicc came in to help.  Tragicc ran into some trouble when he was expectantly ambushed by some respawns, which I didn’t even realize occurred in this quest.  We pushed through this and completed without any further incidents and then moved to Gladewatch Outpost.  However, at that time Tragicc ran into his own connectivity issues and dropped.  While waiting for him to reconnect I ran the quest Bounty Hunter.  I had no problems taking Lorrikk through the caves, I breezed through it actually.  I was just getting ready to call it a night when Tragicc reconnected and then we hit up Gladewatch Outpost.  Like some others had suggested to me, I dragged the Commander to the corner of the woods and posted her there and we had no problems completing the quest.  At that point I had to call it a night, thankful I was able to get back into the game.

Lorrikk taking on the Emerald Clam photo LorrikktakingontheEmeraldClaw_zps2a9f77a8.jpg
Lorrikk dealing with the Emerald Claw.

Lorrikk looking for the Bounty Hunter photo LorrikklookingfortheBountyHunter_zps99c695c5.jpg
Lorrikk exploring the caves for the Bounty Hunter.

Lorrikk and Tragicc in Gladewatch photo LorrikkandTragiccinGladewatchOutpost_zps8fba36a0.jpg
Lorrikk and Tragicc dealing the hobgoblins of Gladewatch Outpost.

On Wednesday morning, I brought on Erdrique who tackled some slayers and rares in the Cerulean Hills.  After work, later that afternoon, I brought Hamllin back on and took him back into Three Barrel Cove to venture into the Fire Caves.  I only made it through the first part of the Fire Caves before I logged to make dinner and to have date night.

Erd tripping a bard in the Hills photo ErdtrippingabardintheHills_zps4018b262.jpg
Erdrique tripping a bard in the Cerulean Hills.

Eerie statue in the fire caves photo Eeriestatueinthefirecaves_zpse1174330.jpg
Hamllin looking at the eerie statues in the Fire Caves.

I was scheduled to run Kolll on Thursday morning for a slayer run through the King’s Forest.  While he was ranging out there, he encountered his first werewolf, Big Old Red.  After he defeated the werewolf I had to log to head to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged Erdrique on for my late afternoon run and headed into the Swiped Signet, where I had some fun with Grudge (who I wrote about last week) and those dang sleet storms. After that run, I brought Kolll back on to do some coin jumping in the Risia Ice Games.  I then logged to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife.  That night I logged on with Garrrin, who needed to finish Beyond the Rift on epic normal.  I saw that another guildie was on, Steelonyx, and learned that he had never completed the Web of Chaos chain.  So instead of running Beyond the Rift, I took Steelonyx into The Lords of Dust on Epic Normal.  After we completed that run I had to call it for a night.  Steelonyx enjoyed the run and it was nice taking him through it.

Anybody ready to tackle a werewolf photo AnybodyreadytotackleaWerewolf_zpsce3b6ed3.jpg
Kolll takes on Big Ol Red in the King’s Forest.

Erd and his pack exploring the hideout photo Erdandhispackexploringthehideout_zps4d90905f.jpg
Erdrique and his gang going through the Swiped Signet.

Kolll prepping to get that purple coin photo Kolllpreppingtogetthatpurplecoin_zps009f167b.jpg
Kolll prepping to get that purple coin.

Garrrin and Steel in Lords of Dust photo GarrrinandSteelinLordsofDust_zpsac93108c.jpg
Garrrin and Steelonyx working through the Lords of Dust.

Over all, the quests for the week for nice.  A good set of runs for sure!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!   


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