Recap of the Runs Made During the Weekend Feb 14 to Feb 16

Well the weekend was relatively light for me.  On Friday morning, I was actually scheduled to take my adventures into the realm of Neverwinter Nights II.  I have an Aasmir Spirit Shaman who is leading a party through the Fort Locke area.  He is currently taking his party through the various graveyard crypts.  Right now his party includes Khelgar, a dwarven fighter,  and Neeshka, a tiefling rogue.  After I ran in the realm of Neverwinter Nights II, I had to log out to go to work.

Ragnar and his gang fighting in the Crypts photo RagnarandhisgangfightingintheCrypts_zpsa1f6f366.jpg
Ragnar and his group running in the crypts close to Fort Locke in NWN II-OC.


I didn’t log back on until Saturday morning having spent Valentine’s Day with my wife J.  On Saturday, I logged on Erdrique who ventured into the Cerulean Hills and completed that explorer zone, finding his last rare encounter and maxing out his slayer counts.  After that, I took him to the Catacombs to explore the Sanctuary to find Margeurite and Fitzwood as well as searching the Old Library Archives.  I then logged out to spend Saturday night with my wife and to watch the Olympics.

Erd taking on the wolves of the Cerulean Hills photo ErdtakingonthewolvesofCeruleanHills_zpsfd1c596f.jpg
Erdrique taking on the wolves of the Cerulean Hills.

Erdrique exploring the Sanctuary photo ErdriqueexploringtheSanctuary_zps146c6977.jpg
Looking for Marguerite.

Erdrique running around the old archives photo ErdriquerunningaroundtheOldArchives_zps7bd86883.jpg
Erdrique looking through the Old Archives.


I logged back on Sunday afternoon and brought Kolll on to participate in the Risia Ice Games.  I gathered a few more purple, blue, and white festival coins.  Later that night, I logged on with Cantlin who then burned through the quests Free Delera and Thrall of the Necromancer, literally.  Cantlin is a Fire Savant and literally burned up a number of wraiths and undead during his explorations of the Delera’s Tomb.    Unfortunately, Cantlin didn’t get a Golden Cartouche offered as a quest reward.

Kolll sliding down the ramp in the Risia Icea games photo KolllslidingdowntherampsoftheRisiaIceGames_zps480be585.jpg
Kolll sliding down the ice ramp to get those coins.


Cantlin watching the wraiths burn photo Cantlinwatchingthewraithsburn_zps638649da.jpg
Cantlin burning up wraiths in Free Delera.

Cantlin working his way through the Necromancer's Lair photo CantlinworkinghiswaythroughtheNecromancersLair_zps1481d3c2.jpg
Cantlin working his way through Thrall of the Necromancer.

So over all, it was a relatively light weekend, but a productive one in that I completed one explorer zone with Erdrique and finished the Delera’s Story Arc on elite with Cantlin.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.


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