Results for this Season’s Risia Ice Games

Well the Risia and Midwinter Ice Games ended this past Tuesday morning.  I haven’t tried the Midwinter Festival Ice Games yet but I have participated in the Risia Ice Jumps a number of times.  For some reason, I just have one favorite character to do the jumping, Kolll.  Not entirely sure why but I usually log him in when I feel like putting my “mad” Mario skills to the test .  I have always enjoyed the Risia Ice Games and like the jumps.  Although I do admit, the jumps can get quite frustrating with any little lag hickup, making the easiest slide a simple fall.  Unfortunately this happens to me more than I would like but not enough for me to stop gathering those purple coins!!

I didn’t really enter the Risia Ice Games until late last week or so.  Overall I turned in 39 purple coins, 145 blue coins, and 203 white coins (well that is what I had gathered to turn in).  My turn in rewards were:

Winter Motes: 1,672
Winter Recipe 1: 13
Winter Recipe 3: 14
Winter Recipe 16: 6
Winter Recipe 6: 16
Winter Recipe 8: 7
Winter Recipe 7: 2
Winter Recipe 15: 11
Winter Recipe 2: 9
Winter Recipe 4: 3
Winter Recipe 11: 2
Winter Recipe 9: 6
Winter Recipe 10: 2
Winter Recipe 13: 2
Winter Recipe 20: 3
Winter Recipe 5: 1
Winter Recipe 19: 1
Winter Recipe 12: 1
Winter Recipe 14: 2
Winter Recipe 17: 1
Winter Recipe 18: 1
Scroll of Ice Storm: 3
Wand of Ice Storm: 2
Candy Cane: 6
Lumps of Coal: 60
Scroll of Snowballswarm: 5
Scroll of Frostlance: 2
Scroll of Cone of Cold: 1
Wand of Niac’s Ray: 2
Festival Twig: 1
Icy chill shield potions: 9
Trinket: 1
Icy Resist Fire Potion: 16
Scroll of Niac’s Cold Ray: 10
Frostbite Potions: 7
Scroll of Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere: 1
Icy Haste Potions: 7
Icy Fire Protection Potions: 5
Icy Superior Freeze Potions: 8
Icy Feather Falling Potions: 4
Wand of Niac’s Cold Ray 3rd: 11
Scroll of Polar Ray: 4
Icy Jump Potions: 10
Wand of Cone of Cold: 11
Wand of Niac’s Cold Ray 5th: 11

Sorry about the order of the recipes, that was just the way they were arranged in pack and I was too lazy to organize them numerically .  In any case, I received enough to make recipes to make one weapon upgraded to Festival Icy Burst so I took Harrgon’s greatsword and applied the recipe to it.

Harrgon's new greatsword photo Harrgonsnewsword_zpsa222d8ac.jpg
Harrgon upgraded his greatsword with Festival Icy Burst .

Since I did all of my turns in with Erdrique, he was the one who received the Trinket so I crafted a Power V trinket for him to use for now while he levels through the Harbor and Market. 

Overall, not a bad Risia Ice Games.  I look forward to next year!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


2 thoughts on “Results for this Season’s Risia Ice Games

  1. I enjoy the Risia Ice Games, never attempted the Midwinter Games in Eveningstar yet. The Risia Ice Games remind me of my NES days, playing Super Marion Brothers 1 through 3, when I was a kid in Middle and High School :P. Although I do admit, my eye to hand coordination isn’t nearly the same as it was back then :P.


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