Hazadill’s Warehouse

Earlier in the week, I logged on a character from my free-to-play account (actually my premium account), Containment, and took him into the Stormreach Harbor to hit up the Baudry Cartamon Story Arc.  After I completed the first quest, Protect Baudry’s Interest, I advanced to the second part of the story arc and ran to Harmon Taft to start the next quest, Stop Hazadill’s Shipment.  As I was getting ready to enter the quest, I noticed something on the quest entrance, which is the door to Hazadill’s warehouse.

Strange mark on Hazadill's door photo StrangmarkonHazadillsdoor_zps34339ee8.jpg
Containment getting ready to smash some crates when he notices this strange mark on Hazadill’s door.

Now I haven’t noticed this mark before and I have run this string a hundreds, if not thousands, of times in the past.  The mark was done with what appears to be red paint and looks like a skull to me.  Just thought this was interesting, as Hazadill appears to be linked to smuggling and working with the pirates of Three Barrel Cove.  Looks like somebody has marked his property as knowing this fact.

Also made me realize that there are always new things that to be seen when questing, which makes going through these quests fun and interesting, no matter how old they are .

Thanks for reading everybody!!  Now get back to the Harbor and level those lowbies .  Happy Hunting!!


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