Strangeness in A Small Problem

I don’t know if I imagined this or not, but I’m pretty sure this actually occurred the other day when I was taking Hamllin through the quest A Small Problem on elite.  Hamllin is currently a level 7 fighter and he still needs to run the Phiarlan Carnival Series.  The first quest in this chain is A Small Problem which is handed out by Glitter Underhill.  The main premise of the quest is to recruit the giant Brawnpits into a play.  To do this Brawnpits wants you to earn his trust and then you need to escort Brawnpits back to the caravan keeping him safe from the myriad of tieflings. 

Well in this case, I entered the quest on elite and summoned forth the cleric hireling, Flower.  When Flower joined the group, I then had her summon her spider who proceeded to web things left and right.

Hamllin fighting a restless wolf photo Hamllinfightingarestlesswolf_zps0da47a61.jpg
Hamllin attacking a restless wolf that was webbed by Flower’s summoned spider.

Now web has a distinct sound when it captures a creature and when a creature breaks its entanglement.  Well I continued on throughout the forest area doing Brawnpits bidding when I was traveling up the Slithering Pass to collect his earth elementals.  With those earth elementals, a group of restless spiders also reside.  Now, keep in mind that I had Flower and her spider following in tow.  As I was fighting the earth elementals, I heard the distinct sound of the web from her spider going off.  I thought to myself “interesting that the spider caught an earth elemental..” but it wasn’t an earth elemental that was stuck.  It turned out that one of the restless spiders was stuck in the web…  As I went up to it, the web broke.  I just thought that this was extremely strange and haven’t heard of a spider being stuck in a web before.  I wasn’t quick enough to get a screenshot of it but I’m wondering if the “restlessness” of these spiders makes them “webbable”.  Not sure on that one. 

Who knows, maybe I’m seeing things….lol, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

PS-Hm, I just realized that I had recorded this via Xfire when I looked at my imbedded screenshot.  I’ll see if I can get a screenshot from that video of the spider being webbed and include it in this blog post.

Restless spider stuck in web photo RestlessSpiderStuckinWeb_zps41bdccc3.jpg
Restless spider stuck in a web.

Restless spider breaking from web photo Restlessspiderbreakingfromweb_zps204d9543.jpg
Same restless spider breaking from the web.


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