Impressions of A Lesson in Deception

I tackled the quest A Lesson in Deception for the first time last week with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger).  I completed it on heroic hard primarily because I didn’t know what to expect in their and because I had already started the particular chain it is a part of when Larrs was leve1 19, so I wanted to get it done on Heroic before trying it on Epic.  If your not familiar with the quest, A Lesson in Deception is part of the Shadow Over Wheloon Story Arc which came out with the last expansion, Shadowfell Conspiracy.  It is the second quest in the chain.  The quest giver is named Gaspry Bennik who is one of the NPCs standing on the outside of the Wheloon Prison.  The premise of the quest is to enter Wheloon and try to join up with the rising prison population to find out who is trying to unite them together.  The quest is located in the Warehouse District of Wheloon (which took me a long time to find).  When you enter the quest, you meet up with your potential allies when an explosion occurs and you get separated from them.  This is when the fun begins as you make your way through the Warehouse District to find out who set up the explosion and your allies.  The entire time you are being heckled from the rooftops.

The adventure begins after the explosion and you are “steered” into the only available route, a path to the Warehouse District where you are attacked by a number of thugs and dogs.  I thought the overall design of the District was pretty nice.  I enjoyed making my way through the streets and buildings and fighting the various thugs.  Although I did feel sorry for the dogs, as they didn’t seem to attack you until you attacked them and of course my Onyx Panther and Owlbear immediately went after them..survival of the fittest I guess.

Larrs fighting his way through the Warehouse District photo LarrsfightinghiswaythroughtheWarehouseDistrict_zps9affb1c3.jpg
Larrs fighting his way through the thugs of the Warehouse District.

Eventually you get steered into the sewers under the Warehouse District where you encounter our friendly lizard folk.  A myriad of warriors and shamans were down there making things interesting as I had to figure out the various levers to pull to make it out of the sewers and back to the streets and eventually to the roof.

Fighitng the lizardfolk in A Lesson in Deception photo FightingtheLizardfolkinALessoninDeception_zps61c5f9de.jpg
Larrs fighting the lizard folk in the sewers of the Warehouse District.

After a few fights with the lizard folk you come across the real culprits behind all of this…the Netherese worshippers of Shar.  I thought the sequence of moving from the sewers to the rooftops was interesting and I found it even more intriguing when I decided to loot a chest guarded by a bunch of dogs and heard from the DM voice over that one of my allies was killed because I was taking to long…lol…friggin evil overlords…

Larrs taking on a Shar Worshipper photo LarrstakingonaSharWorshipper_zpsa2b44ae7.jpg
Larrs taking on some Shar worshippers.

When you make your way to the rooftops and confront Stanwicke, you can’t wait to put him in his place.  Stanwicke is one of those over confident smug villains you just love to punish.  I liked the way quest designed with him heckling you the entire time you are battling your way to him.  Reminds me of Yaulthoon in In the Flesh.

So this is guy that has caused all this trouble photo Sothisisguywhocausedthistrouble_zpsb86e53f6.jpg
So this is the guy causing all of the problems.

Stanwick isn't a pretty guy photo Stanwickeisntaprettyguy_zpsb1e525e9.jpg
Stanwicke here isn’t the most attractive guy…   

I also enjoyed my first encounter with a howler, I thought its design was pretty wicked looking:

Larrs fighting a howler.

Overall, I thought the quest was interesting.  I didn’t find it to be too long, although I did get turned around a couple times and I thought that the enemies present in the dungeon matched well.  I like the storyline of how the Shar worshippers are gathering the criminals together to work under a united front as well.  I’m looking forward to tackling the next quest in the series: The Thrill of the Hunt.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


2 thoughts on “Impressions of A Lesson in Deception

  1. It is weird from a role-playing POV because you make choices that cause deaths. Some are easy: loot or a death? Some are not: do i save one of the captured Cormyrian spies or this burning woman? A death either way.


  2. Howlers are nasty with their quills that leave a lasting DOT attack on you. That end fight can be nasty alone. I focused on the Disciple first before she could wield her magic attacks forcefully in combo with the minions. Once she’s down and you can knock the ladders down, the boss isn’t too bad–at least, not for Kiricletica the poisonmaster. 🙂


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