Review of the Quests Done from Feb 24 to Feb 27

Like any other typical week, my weekly questing started with a slayer run.  This Monday morning, I was scheduled to play Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) who is still working on his slayers for Sorrowdusk Ilse.  So I logged him in and took around Sorrowdusk to take on some ogres and trolls.  After about 20 minutes or so I had to log out to head to work.  After work, at around 5:30, I logged on with Hamllin, my second true reincarnated character, and started to tackle the House Phairlan Carnival quest series.  After picking up the quest chain, I headed over the quest A Small Problem and had a good time working my way through the woods to convince  Brawnpits to join the play.  While running this quest, I came across as strange occurrence of a restless spider being webbed by my cleric’s fiendish spider, which I found quite interesting and amusing.  As I was making my way to the sky spirit I was joined up with Okhamel and we completed it on elite without many issues.  After that run, I logged out to make dinner and to spend time with my wife for a little while.  Monday night, again I was doing the multitasking thing, as I was playing our digital tabletop game and playing DDO.  In DDO, I logged on with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) who is working on gathering favor at the moment.  As I was working on the Attack on Stormreach chain when Sludgge hit level 20, I decided to finish that chain by completing the capstone quest, Seigebreaker, on elite.  I had no issues with Seigebreaker until the end fight.  I had my Onyx Panther, my Owlbear, and my cleric hireling with me kept them away from the puzzle as much as I could but there was one point where the the puzzle was solved, all the runes were lit, but the Hag wouldn’t attack/activate.  This happened after about the third time I solved puzzle.  Eventually, actually during one of my turns in the digital PNP game so I didn’t have my game screen up, the Hag started attacking and I was able to complete the quest.  I have no idea what happened, but in either case I got it done .  After that, I called it a night. 

Menacing lair in Sorrowdusk Isle photo MenacinglairinSorrowdusk_zpsf447eae6.jpg
Charlock venturing into the many caves of Sorrowdusk Isle.

Hamllin fighting a restless wolf photo Hamllinfightingarestlesswolf_zps0da47a61.jpg
Hamllin fighting a restless wolf in A Small Problem.

Sludgge watching the tents burn photo Sludggewatchingtentburn_zps17b682bd.jpg
Sludgge working his magic in Seigebreaker.

On Tuesday morning, I logged on Lorrikk (Level 10 Monk) and took him into Three Barrel Cove for my morning slayer runs.  He nearly has all the slayers and rares out there, I imagine it will only be another run or two until he maxes out the area.  After I too Lorrikk running through the wilds of Three Barrel Cove, I logged out and headed to work.  I had a meeting out of town on Tuesday and didn’t make it back in time to log in for a late afternoon run but I did log back on Tuesday night with a character on my premium account, Crawlller (Level 4 Ranger).  With Crawlller being on a premium account, I can’t open up the quests directly on elite so I had to run the Baudry Cartamon chain through hard difficulty and then again on elite difficulty to obtain the elite favor.  I got through all of the quests on hard and elite except for Retrieve the Stolen Goods, I had to logout to get to bed before I could get that one completed on elite, so I will have to knock it out next time.

Lorrikk exploring TBC photo LorrikkexploringTBC_zps4e90f7d8.jpg
Lorrikk exploring Three Barrel Cove.

Crawlller working for Baudry photo CrawlllerworkingforBaudryonceagain_zps5850fa57.jpg
Crawlller working for Baudry and protecting his stuff.

Time to stop the wicked shipment photo Stoppingthewickedshipment_zpsf09191e8.jpg
Crawlller putting a stop to Hazadill’s shipment.

Crawlller taking on Churnka photo CrawlllertakingonChurnak_zpse94f9bf7.jpg
Crawlller fighting one of Hazadill’s henchman in Retrieve the Stolen Goods.

Wednesday morning I was scheduled to log in once again with Crawlller to do some slayers in the Waterworks.  Crawlller was able to get a nice run in, nearly getting all of the rare encounters in a single run.  After that, I head off to work.  Later that afternoon, I logged in with Hamllin who needed to take on Partycrashers, the second quest in the House P Carnival series.  Hamllin ran into some trouble in this quest on elite, getting skewered by some of the illusionary spikes and couldn’t complete the quest with his hirelings.  He’s planning his revenge next week!!  After that, I logged to have date night with my beautiful wife .

Crawlller fighting Dhulokk photo CrawlllerandDhulokk_zps63403506.jpg
Crawlller moving in to fight Dhulokk.

Hamllin ranging a Mark of Shadows photo HamllinrangingaMarkofShadowsinPartycrashers_zpsfa93827f.jpg
Hamllin prior to getting owned in Partycrashers…

Thursday was a pretty productive day.  I started the day logging in with Garrrin (Level 20 Barbarian/Fury of The Wild) who ran around the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic) making waste of everything he encountered.  After work, I logged back in with Erdrqiue and with help from Okhamel, completed some Waterworks Slayers and the second half of the Lost Seekers.  I then logged off for a little while to make dinner and then logged Erdrique back on and did some more Waterworks slayers as well as the solo quests Home Sweet Sewer and An Explosive Situation.  During these runs, I recruited another member into the Crypt Crawlers, Postal, who is living out in Korea.  Postal stopped playing DDO when the level cap was still level 10 and when the only raid was Tempest Spine so he is experiencing all kinds of new things!!  After those runs, I logged out with Erdrique and logged in with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) and took on the denizens of Wheloon Prison (Heroic) and the quest A Lesson in Deception on hard.  It was the first time I had completed A Lesson in Deception so it was a nice practice run.  I liked the quest and enjoyed traveling through the warehouse district.  After that, I decided to call it a night and logged out.

Garrrin and his hirelings having fun in Gianthold photo GarrrinandhishireshavingfuninGH_zpsaf944b83.jpg
Garrrin killing away in Gianthold.

Hunting down kobolds in Waterworks photo HuntingdownkoboldsintheWaterworks_zps75841cd5.jpg
Erdrique is hunting down kobolds in Waterworks.

Erd sending Krung to his but photo ErdsendingKrungtohisbut_zps36ddba54.jpg
Erdrique knocking Kruug on his but.

Fighting the undead in the Clan Tunnelworm Prison photo FightingtheundeadintheTunnelwormPrison_zps18414929.jpg
Looking for Venn among the undead.

Poor Dog photo Poordog_zpsbcfee1c0.jpg
Erdrique feeling sorry for the dogs in Home Sweet Sewer.

The pack beating up on the Quickfoot photo ThepackbeatingupontheQuickfoot_zps463f777c.jpg
Erdrique and his pack beating up on the Quickfoot gang

Fighting a howler photo Fightingahowler_zps655f64ab.jpg
Larrs fighting a howler in A Lesson in Deception.

Not a bad set of quests this week and the weekend looks to be even more productive!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing!!


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