Erdrique’s Journal-The Depths of Darkness

Hey all, below is a journal entry for my main character, Erdrique as well as a video of the run set to my favorite classic rock band, Rush .  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

Quest: The Depths of Darkness

Level 4 (normal), 5 (hard), 6(elite)

Crawlers:  Erdrique, Khamelblade

While Khamelblade and I were wandering through the House Deneith Ward in Stormreach, we decided to stop at the Hammersmith’s Inn to get a bite to eat and drink and to see if there was any work to be had.  It didn’t take us long to find a group of patrons who seemed to be more interested in pawning their jobs off onto would-be adventurers instead of handling the jobs themselves.  I felt it was a good idea to develop a strong reputation with House Deneith as well as with the rest of Stormreach and the guild needed the money and the notoriety, not to mention both Khamel and myself.  One of those patrons we came across was an elf by the name of Giggs Elorreathi.  Evidently Giggs and his colleagues were tasked by House Deneith to take care of several issues occurring in the sewer depths of the ward.  One of these particularly sewers had been overrun by a gang of hobgoblins led by a ruthless warrior named Gribbik Snarlfang.  Khamelblade and I looked at each other and decided to work on this task for Giggs.

Giggs mentioned to us that a good portion of the sewers that resided under the House Deneith ward of Stormreach were interconnected with each other.  Griggs showed us where the entrance to Gribbik’s hideout was, which was just east of the Hammersmith Inn.  Once we had our bearings, Khamelblade and I headed over to the sewer to explore the underground labyrinth between House Deneith.  We stopped by a mercenary outpost and recruited two clerics to help us, Maloren and Mareth.

As one can imagine, the sewers were quite dank and filthy.  They were very similar to the sewers present in the Stormreach Harbor and Marketplace, which basically meant they were full of filth and vermin.  When we entered the sewer, it originally appeared that we only had one direction available to go in.  However, upon further investigation of the wall, Khamelblade and I noticed a crease in the way which was caused due to secret door.  As we opened the door, it didn’t take long for a troop of hobgoblins to spring into action.  Khamel and I quickly drew our weapons and took to the fight, with our cleric mercenaries right behind us.  These hobgoblins were particularly fearsome and were ready for our attack.  They probably already know that people have been sent to drive them out.  Khamel and I exchanged a quick glance after the altercation; it was going to be a long day…  The one good thing about the encounter was that these hobgoblins were holding a treasure chest containing some items, most likely looted from some other adventurers or payment for some other type of mercenary service.  Since the hobgoblins were dead, they didn’t need the items anymore.

Shortly after our first encounter, Khamel and I continued forward and came across a nice deadly fire trap.  The fire trap was so potent that it drained the vast majority of Khamel’s health.  It was plainly evident that we needed to find a safe place to rest so that Khamel could tend to his injuries, staying here wasn’t wise though because we weren’t sure how many other hobgoblin patrols there were.  So I helped Khamel further down the tunnel to a door that was controlled by a valve.  I waited at the door for a second to determine if I could hear anything on the other side.  When I didn’t, I opened up the door and took a peek inside.  The hallway continued but adjacent to the door was a shallow pool.  I watched a pool for a second and saw something in it shiver.  A few second later, a gelatinous blob started to make its way toward me.  The damn pool was full of oozes…just wonderful.  I switched out to a pair of special clubs that were made of special glass, specially enchanted to deal with such creatures.  If you ever travel the sewers of Stormreach, you knew you should always have a set of these special clubs to deal with these bothersome creatures.  I carefully dispatched with them and noticed another door sealed with a valve.  I checked the door and listened to see if I could determine if there was anything behind it.  I did hear anything, so I turned the valve and entered into a room that had a shrine.  It was a small room, perfect to rest in.  I brought Khamel into the room where we rested and tended to his injuries.

After we rested, we continued on further into the sewer.  There were two directions to go in from the shrine room, west or north.  Khamel and I explored the tunnel to the west and came to a locked door that evidently had only one control, which appeared to be on the other side.  Since the door was shut and locked, Khamel and I turned around and went back to the shrine room to take the north passage.  As we headed north from the shrine room, we came across a ghastly sight.  As we made our way down the hallway, we were ambushed by a large number of skeletons, ghasts, and wights.  As we engaged them, I noticed that a human necromancer was further down the hall at a desecrated shrine.  He must have been the one behind these undead monstrosities.  We worked our way to the necromancer and we slowly sliced through his horde of undead protectors.  He cast an annoying icestorm spell which buffeted myself and Khamel and made movement extremely difficult.  As we were fighting the necromancer more undead began to swarm up and a lightning bolt came out of the icestorm cloud and knocked Khamel square on.  Khamel went down hard.  As he fell, I leapt through the icestorm and engaged the necromancer and was finally able to take him out.  Once the necromancer died, his icestorm subsided and I ran over to Khamel to tend to his injuries.  I took him back to the shrine were he rested and regained his strength.

We noticed a chest behind an altar where the necromancer was conducting his foul work.  As we approached the chest we heard something and whirled back around.  Evidently Giggs had sent a few other adventurers to his task as well.  A wizard, by the name of Emptyheart, and a paladin, by the name of Kraxuss, now joined our ranks.  Although I was grateful for their help, I was a little weary.  Khamel and I knew nothing about these newcomers and we weren’t sure if they could be trusted.  After the necromancer was dispatched of, we continued on down the path, keeping an eye on these newcomers.  For now it appeared we had a common goal, to eliminate Gribbik Snarlfang.  However, I couldn’t help but wonder why the necromancer was down here to begin with.  Was he somehow tied to Gribbik Snarlfang?  Or was he just working for Gribbik Snarlfang as a defender of his lair?  Of course another possibility is that the necromancer hired Gribbik to protect himself.  In either case, the necromancer wasn’t our concern although I made a mental note to interrogate Griggs about him once we got back.

The sewer at this particular point went east and west.  We decided to head down the west tunnel where it quickly forked once again.  However, it was apparent that the fork to the south west was a dead.  We continued on to the path to the north west where we encountered a rust monster and a medium earth elemental stalking around the tunnels.  The path then curved back to the north, where we encountered another medium earth elemental.   The path then took another quick turn back to the east, where the tunnel was crowded with some voracious glass spiders.  We fought them off and continued onward down the path.  The path started to head up with sewer water falling down freely from a slightly sloped hill.  We continued on past the hill and came upon another fork.  This time there was either a north passage to take or to continue to the east.  The north passage was blocked by a door that appeared to be controlled by a lever located behind a pillar nearby.  I took the party past the door and further down the east passage.  I figured the passage way to the north would lead us to Gribbik, but I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be ambushed from behind.  As we continued on down the eastern passage, it soon ended and turned south.  We followed the passage south where we came upon another wall that blocked the main passage with a smaller passage to its side.  A perfect place to lay down a trap.  As I approached, I heard something click and immediately I jumped back.  Just in time too, as a three jets spouting acid soon appeared out of the wall.  We waited until the traps sputtered out of acid and continued on down the passage.  However, once I cross the path, the traps went off again and severely damaged Khamel, one of our clerics, and Emptyheart.  I recommended that they stay here and rest while Kraxuss and I explored the rest of the passage.

The southern passage then made an abrupt turn to the west, where we encountered yet another slime.  We continued on where the passage forked again, however the passage to the west was familiar, it lead to the same altar that was guarded by the necromancer.  I took a peak down the secondary passage and saw another huge slime, puddling in some water.  But I also saw a very angry and powerful hobgoblin as well.  As soon as I spotted the hobgoblin, it turned and saw me and yelled out an angry challenge to all of us.  His name was Fellswipe and he gave our band quite a fight.  Fellswipe came racing toward us with perhaps the largest falchion I had ever seen, along with his slimy companion.  By far the greater threat was Fellswipe.  Kraxuss and I engaged the Fellswipe and got some unexpected help from a large water elemental that Kraxuss had summoned to help us.  It was a fierce fight but in the end Fellswipe fell to our onslaught.  After we defeated Fellswipe and his slimy minion, we took the others back to the shrine and rested for what we felt for sure was our next confrontation with Gribbik himself.

We then back tracked to the closed door in the northern half of the dungeon.  There was a lever behind the pillar across from the door.  We went ahead and pulled the lever and watched as the heavy stone door opened.  The room beyond the door was quite spacious, set up with a makeshift throne room and that two balconies, one on each side of the room.  On each balcony stood two hobgoblin casters who stationed and glaring at us.  In the main portion of the room, Gribbik stood brooding at us, plainly irritated and angry that we bothered to enter this domain.  Attending him were two large hobgoblin infiltrators as well.  Gribbik grumbled something and the infiltrators sprang into option and I noticed rays of fire coming down from the balconies.  I immediately ran to the ladders that lead to the balconies to deal with the casters above.  Kraxuss headed to take on the infiltrators as well as Khamel.  While they were engaging them Gribbik decided he didn’t want to wait to see if his goons could take care of them.  He entered the frail and you could feel is malice and cruelty.  He attacked ruthlessly but Khamel and Kraxuss head him off and beat back down the infiltrators.  Emptyheart was taking on the other casters on the opposite balcony from me.  When I defeated my would be enemies, I dropped down from the balcony and engaged Gribbik to help out Khamel and Kraxuss.

The battle was fierce and bloody.  Gribbik was holding us off back pretty well but eventually we overwhelmed him.  He couldn’t withstand all of our blades coming at him at once and without his support from his infiltrators and casters from the balcony he really had no hope in surviving.  That wasn’t to say he wasn’t going to go down with a fight.  I do give Gribbik credit, he fought savagely and bravely.  All I thought was that this job better be worth the reward.

After Gribbik fell, we looted what we could from room.  We then exited the sewer and returned back to the Hammersmith Inn to report to Grigg’s that sewer was now rid of Gribbik and that he could send his own party down there to clean up the mess.   Grigg’s was quite appreciative and thanked us for dealing with Gribbik.  As he was paying us, the other members at  his table seemed impressed and were eager to pawn off their jobs to us as well.  I just thought to myself that it was going to be a long day.


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