Shape Change is Just Cool

Erdrique has completed a life as a paladin, fighter, ranger, cleric, and barbarian.  He is currently working on his druid life.  He is currently level 6 and I have to admit that I’m enjoying a druid quite a bit.  And I have to admit that shape change is just downright cool!!

Erd in wolf form and Fang photo ErdinwolfformandFang_zpsdc305d4e.jpg
Erdrique in wolf form.

I really enjoy the ability to run around as wolf and I really enjoy Erdrique’s spell trip attack which sends enemies onto their rear ends the vast majority of the time.  I just think it is a neat ability and I look forward to getting the winter wolf form.  I do have the ability to shape shift into a bear but haven’t really played around with that quite yet.  I probably will later on.  I also really like that the shamans various hold person spells are immune on me while I’m in animal form, that is classic!!  I like seeing those “Immune” messages going over my head as I see a shaman casting .

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to say that for awhile now and finally found the time to be able to do it .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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