Ever Wonder About Enemy Gear Enchantments?

Recently, I took Lorrikk (Level 10 Shintao Monk) into Devil’s Assault on normal and wondered about two things as I was fighting wave after wave of tieflings.  First, I was wondering why the tiefling wizards were using clubs instead of scepters or quartertaffs.  I know that wizards get simple weapon proficiencies, but why use a regular old club?

Wizards using clubs in Devil's Assault photo Wizardusingaclub_zps31e3c609.jpg
Lorrikk wondering about the weapon choice of this tiefling.

After I pondered the club weapon usage, the second thing I wondered to myself, was that maybe, just maybe, the reason why these tieflings are using clubs is because they have some type of enchantment on them.  So then I started to wonder what types of enchantments do the tieflings have on their equipment in Devil’s Assault, in particular to the wizards/casters.  Since these casters appear to CR 6 monsters, I would assume that they have some type of power VI item to grant them extra spell points, I’m assuming their robes might have some type caster spell focus (perhaps evocation) and the maybe these clubs have enchantments that boost their electricity and acid spell damage.  I’m sure the rest of their gear includes the typical stat increases and perhaps some striding.  What other “enchantments” do you think these guys?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Devil’s Assault!!


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