Have to Talk About Partycrashers Once Again

I’m not sure what it is lately but it seems like I have a number of characters who need to run the House Phiarlan Carnival Series on elite, or parts of it on elite, including the quest Partycrashers.  Over the past three weeks, I took Hamllin ((Level 7 Fighter) through it twice (once because I failed which I wrote about prior but I got my revenge in it later which I also wrote about here).  Shortly after I posted by revenge blog and listed the entry on DDO Fansite Forums, TrinityTurtle mentioned some tips to get through Partycrashers, and while I new one of them I didn’t the other one at all.  I didn’t know that you could actually bypass the some of the illusionary spikes as well as all of the illusionary guards by going through the theater room and climbing up the second row balcony.  Thank you TrinityTurtle!!  That information became very helpful later the next two times I ran the quest with Erdrique (Level 7 Druid) and Cantlin (Level 10 Sorcerer)!!

I took Erdrique through Partycrashers last Friday night and got some help with Okhamel.  It was perhaps one of the funnest runs I had through it, although the same couldn’t be said for Okhamel, lol.  When we got to the first set of illusionary spikes in the Illusionarium, I survived without any issues but poor Okhamel got skewered.  No worries, I got him back up and we pressed forward.  Well we made it to the illusionary fire giant and took him out without any issues, but unfortunately Okhamel ran out of back pack space and was clearing some stuff out of his inventory (he had forgotten to unload before stepping into the quest).  So he noticed that he had a Potion of Wonder sitting in his inventory and instead of pitching it he felt like being adventurous.  Well the next thing I knew he was a soul stone standing next to the chest, lol.  Evidently the Potion of Wonder decided it wanted to disintegrate him .  After we laughed it off, I took him back to the shrine and we carried on.

We pressed on and made our way into the Chapter House.  Using the new knowledge I had just gained we went into the upper balcony of the theater and took the “high road” past all of the illusionary defense systems and made into the ballroom with any problems at all.  Luckily, Okhamel had enough intimidate to bully the tieflings (the poisonmaster and spellmaster) into the library where we promptly took them out and I had a rogue hireling with me so we were able to take out the troupe in the upstairs rooms to make the end fight non existent.  It was a fun run indeed!!

LOL, Okhamel is having a bad day photo LOLOkhamelwashavingaroughday_zpsc4ba6c8b.jpg
LOL, poor Okhamel is having a bad day..

All Hell Breaking loose in the upstairs rooms photo Allhellbreakinglooseinthecommonroomsupstairs_zps688f34b0.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel battling the upstairs troupe in Partycrashers.

Erd dancing in wolf form photo Erddancinginwolfform_zps1b18ee24.jpg
Erdrique dancing in wolf form waiting for the non end fight in Partycrashers.

My run with Cantlin was similar, accept that I couldn’t get into the room upstairs.  I was also by myself this time.  So I decided to get the Viceregal’s key and head back to his office through the illusionarium.  I used an invisibility wand to run past the illusionarium guards and jumped along the sides of the alley with the illusionary spikes and picked up the upstairs key from the Viceregal’s office without a problem and ran back to the Ball Room.  I took out the troupe upstairs and just watched the tiefling master flop down in discuss!!  Nice fun runs indeed.

Burning up the Mark photo BurninguptheMarkofShadows_zpsb9eaa5e6.jpg
Cantlin burning up a Mark of Shadow in Partycrashers.

Well I just wanted to right that up since I had been moaning and groaning about Partycrashers.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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